Weasels can grow from 173-217 mm.  Like most of the wild species, the females are somewhat smaller than the male weasels.

The females can also be distinguished with their red or brown coats and a small white on their bellies. Weasels have long flexible bodies giving them the ability to move in small places.  Weasels are known to be intelligent, nimble and cunning creatures.

They are also associated with being sneaky or untrusting because they have less than honorable traits to them. The weasel will steal food from other animals and keep it for its own. They also are known to take other animal’s nests or burrows and will go into them, kill the animal that has built the nest and then keep it for their own.

Weasels are carnivores and feed on small animals and oftentimes considered pests for the farm owners.  Weasels have an unusual likeness for poultry products and will stalk chickens and turkeys.

An Irish folktale tells about a witch that can transform into a weasel and that it is a sign of bad luck to meet a weasel in the morning, and killing it will just bring you to more unfortunate things.

In Scotland a villager saw a number of weasels carrying a dead creature of their kind.  Similar occurrence happened in the 1930’s when another villager saw a weasel bury a dead female species in a grave.  Further investigation revealed that a number of dead bodies of weasels can be found on the same ground.

Weasels are unsociable with other animals unlike themselves and due to this, they like serene place and silence.  Often times they are seen alone and observing their surroundings.  A quiet place is just what they need to concentrate and understand their environment.

But due to their attitude of being a loner, people tend to underestimate their ability, and judge them quickly.  Like a weasel this people won’t show you their true ability unless it is necessary.

If this creature makes an appearance to you it is telling you to believe in your instinct and trust what you feel. There is a probability that your self-esteem is not in a good condition and you are receiving criticism left and right.  Do not doubt on your ability. Don’t let the opinions of others affect your life.  Do what you think is right trust on your gut instinct because if you do not believe in yourself, who else will?

Mythology and the Weasel

In Ancient Greeks instead of using a cat, weasels are used to catch a mouse.  The Japanese also have a story about the weasel being a monstrous creature that killed its victim with its sharp teeth. Kamaitachi is a group of 3 weasels with sharp claws, each of them possess unique abilities.

This creature is one of the most mystical creatures out of all the animal totems.  It does not reveal itself frequently.  It possesses a unique gift and immense ability.  People who have this animal as their totem have the ability to reveal secrets just by observation.  Now you know why detectives are often portrayed in the image of a weasel.

Weasel shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are forced to protect your home or career.
  • When you are overwhelmed and need solitude.
  • Others are judging you.
  • You are being underestimated.

Call on a Weasel as a spirit guide when

  • You want to reveal secrets about others.
  • You are allowing your own judgments to not see the real situation in life.
  • You need to get to the truth of a matter.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013