Are you seeing Waxwings flying suddenly into your thoughts? If so, then you are being sent some message by this small bird and you must listen to what it is saying.

The Waxwing is a small bird which gets its name from the red spots on its wingtips. The spots look similar to the red wax which is used to seal letters. This similarity gave the bird the name Waxwing.

The symbolism of the Waxwing stands for:

  • Gentleness.
  • Courtesy.
  • Transformation.
  • Consciousness.
  • Masks.
  • Ceremonial wear.
  • Wish to give.
  • Wish to receive.
  • Politeness.
  • Society.
  • Thankfulness.
  • Clear perspective.
  • Gratitude.
  • Migration.

Both the male and the female species of the Waxwing have the same plumage. Its legs are short and strong. This plumage is very soft and silky and is brown in color normally.

It has a black line running through its eyes and the color of its chin is black. It has a black beak and black legs. The head of the Waxwing looks like a mask or some form of headgear which can be used during ceremonies.

Most of the birds can be recognized by the tune which it emits to call others. This tune sounds the same for all of its kind. The Waxwing does not have a song or tune of its own in the true sense of the term, and the call it produces sounds like a shrill beep.

The Waxwing eats all kinds of berries throughout the year, though sometimes it eats insects too. Sometimes it eats so many berries it seems that it has got drunk with the juice of the berries and can fly no more.

The Waxwing shows you how to give only, and when they accept anything they seem to be very polite and courteous while accepting it. This symbolism of the Waxwing reminds you to always try to give whatever is dear to you to help other people. It shows you not to expect anything in return.

When the male Waxwing goes in search of mate, it carries a berry as a gift. It gives this gift to a female Waxwing as a present to impress her. The female Waxwing takes the berry and returns it to the male. This ritual goes on for time till the female Waxwing ultimately thinks that the present should be accepted gracefully and they fly off together.

This symbolism of the Waxwing teaches you to give unselfishly and to give even if it is very precious to you. It also teaches you to be gracious while accepting any gift given by somebody else and thank the person in return.

The symbolism also tells you that sometimes people so proud of their money, their fame, and their social status, that they are unable to accept small gifts from others with the grace required. It asks you to be thankful while accepting a gift from somebody however small it may be.

Sometimes it may happen that a long line of Waxwings are sitting on the branch of a tree. A Waxwing at the end of the line has a berry in its beak. Instead of eating the berry, the Waxwing passes it onto the next Waxwing sitting beside it. The second passes it to the third and so on until the berry reaches the end of the line. The whole episode looks like a brigade of Waxwings passing the water bucket from one to the other.

This signifies that even though the berry in its beak may fill its stomach, the Waxwing gives up the berry to another Waxwing to help it in its hunger.

This symbolism of the Waxwing totem teaches you the selflessness which you should show when passing on something to others for their benefit. It shows you the politeness you should have when you give away to others the thing you have craved for or cherished for so long.

The Waxwing sets a fine balance between the will to give and the urge to accept. It is a symbol of both the values of give and take rolled into one.

The Waxwing totem can come into your thoughts when

  • You are feeling selfish.
  • Something is unacceptable to you.
  • You are overindulging yourself.
  • You have lost your politeness.
  • You are afraid of scarcity.

You can call the waxwing totem to help you when

  • You want to be gentle and courteous.
  • You want to transform the environment for the better.
  • You want to give something but not sure of how to go about.
  • Your gift is unacceptable to someone and how to change the person’s attitude.
  • You want to understand the overall situation and find solutions to rectify it.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013