To be given the Water buck as your animal totem means that a strong mind is necessary. In order to get an interpretation of this animal encounter we have look into the symbolism.

By breaking down animals based on their habitat we can get clear structure of the animal symbolism. Basic habitat of animals is land and water and the Water buck is a type of antelope.

One of the most beautiful animal totems is the ‘Water buck’. By its name many of us misunderstand that they are animals living in water but we are wrong. They live in land but they reside in the area close to water so they are called Water buck. They live in the area of the savanna region.

When we see this amazing animal in the wild forest or in zoo their appearance catches our breath through their graceful feature and movements. The beauty of this animal is linked to the art of grace. Tribal people associate water buck's with the fairie realm.

They considered them to be savvy and their is accounts this animal help's to find a medicinal plant in forest. In china, people consider the Water buck the symbol of longevity, happiness and good fortune.

The symbolism of deer is love, peace, grace, peace, creativity, regrowth, spirituality and watchfulness. We can relate the water buck symbolism in our life by their uncanny sense of finding fresh green plants. It resembles in our life that through our inner mind we have to find our treasure which is present within our skill's which is in built in our self. If we find them we can shine in our light.

It resembles going deep into our soul and finding our spiritual qualities which is inherently present within us.

The Water buck teaches us the best way of being graceful and this animal is showing kindness to others. They run away from predators when they try to catch them. It teach us a lesson that we must stay away from people those who hold negative thoughts. The deer is associated with the dawn and the moon.

People who are given this as their totem will be successful in life. They have great awareness of dangerous. They are alert to danger and safeguard others from danger.

The symbolism of water buck comes in your thought when

  • We see a beauty person& in our life.
  • We make a call to our neighbor when we are in danger.
  • A stranger comes near us.
  • We expect kindness and love from others.
  • We miss our family member in a journey.

Call upon water buck symbol when

  • A person gives second look on us as we inspired them through our beauty.
  • We stay away from strange people or when we escape from a problem.
  • We show our grace by means of kindness to others.
  • We find our hidden talent and expressed it successfully.
  • We beautify our self in front of a mirror.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013