The Wasp may be just like the other insects around, trying to create a name in the mystical realm. However, have you noticed wasps being a part of many superstitious plots in stories?

Well indeed, they belong to those emblematic animals; small, but, terrible.

For the record, the Wasp promotes concepts related to diligence, conformity, assembly, structure, communication, connection, Progress, yield, efficiency, and those related to such. However, there is more to the reputation of the Wasp waiting to be unveiled through a quick run through of history, and a little bit of geography.

Some customs in Africa regard wasps as a reminder to take charge of our life as well as of evolution. It would be quite challenging to engage both, but of course they are not contradicting.

Myths in India and Native America tell of the story of a wasp as the mastermind and maker of the entire earth. From this derived the tribal belief that the Wasp is a symbol pertaining to the virtues of productivity, as well as of proper orderliness and organization.

Moving east to Ancient Europe, a tale was recovered telling a story of wasps being part of pollination. Logically, that is true, but for the sake of representation, wasps became linked to fertility by that lore, and they helped continue the life cycle of certain plants and flowers to where they are now.

The lush of spring is the peak season of the Wasp, and by this the wasp becomes a symbol of a new start, new doors, and new goals. Welcoming this season by recognizing the existence of wasps is initially ridiculous for sceptics, but for the rest open-minded people, there will be no harm in trying.

A social Wasp is a good omen for the strengthening of connections and communication within the family. But, it will be that you need to make that first move, to be extra vocal of our feelings, insights and plans to our family members. It involves clarity, and seeking of guidance from the elder blood relatives, among others. A healthy family is a healthy country, and so on.

At this point we may ponder on questions about our relationships and affairs having orderliness. Also, we can take time to re-evaluate our goals and priorities. Wasp as a symbol does not tolerate procrastination's, as well as conspiracies from other people, whether intentional or unintentional.

To be consistently organized in your life means having to meditate on these daily. Giving more dedication to the Wasp totem means that these people highly value clarity in their mind and life. Thus, the wasp is the suitable guiding force to those who need focus and assertive mode of communication.

Last, but definitely not the least, the wasp is a good fortune-bidder when you plan to put up a structure, or even a plan in life—this keen insect is characterized by good architectural capabilities.

Surely, it will not harm to put the wasp icon somewhere in your plans, especially in a new building or home, for not only will it create some questions to observers but also more benefits to your end.

Wasp shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand female warrior energy.
  • You need to understand sisterhood.
  • You need to understand female societies.
  • You need to use fierce mask.
  • You need to appreciate communal living.

Call on Wasp as a spirit guide when

  • You need to embrace communal living.
  • You need to love sisterhood.
  • You need to understand female warriors.
  • You need to understand female society.
  • You need courage.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2013