The warthog is a wild animal measuring 3-4.9 ft. in length and 25-33 in. in height. The female warthog weighs about 45-75 kg and are basically a bit smaller than the male species.

A warthog can be identified with its tusk sticking out of the mouth and twisting upward.  The lower tusk which is a lot shorter becomes sharp due to the rasping of the two tusks every time the warthog closed and open its mouth.  They use their tusks to defend themselves from the enemy and also a functional tool in finding a food to consume.

The warthog is a symbol of being vigilant.  It’s ability to sense the presence of danger and the courage to face it.  The warthog is constantly reminding us to have the nerve to defend our self from dangers. They can be very dangerous animals and are known to attack animals much larger than themselves, even humans. Because of this, they can be deemed animal spirits that represent taking on a large project or something “bigger than you can chew”. Often, they represent overcoming difficult odds if you are willing to fight on the side or right or when being attacked. They can often be strong defenders for men in court or child-custody cases.

The warthog also have the capacity to find the truth. Like their abilities to sniff out food, in a spiritual sense they are seen as sniffing out truth from a dirty situation. No use in hiding your real attitude with a warthog, he will sense it if you are just using him for your advancement.  Moreover, he can sense the good in someone; warthog are a bit nitpicky when choosing their friends.  But it’s better to have a few true friends than be surrounded with fake ones.

It also wants to teach us that we can change our weakness into strengths, a good example would be “fear”, because of fear, we are being more cautious in our work resulting in a greater outcome.  This is often a challenge and for this reason the warthog also represents challenges being overcome.  When this animal totem appeared to you, it means that your life has been so boring and it needs some challenge and excitement. It is a good time to go out on a limb or reach beyond your normal comfort zone. You probably are feeling that you’re life has been so predictable thus seeking for a new source of excitement.  Go for it, creating a change in your life can bring you more challenging trials that will make your day more thrilling.

Remember that a warthog is also a warrior; it will show courage in the face of peril, telling us to face our problem even if it means that it will hurt us and cause some destruction.  Come to think of it these trials can help us develop and grow into a better person.  Remember to turn your negative attitudes into positive ones.

A warthog is a peaceful creature at heart, but if you disturb it, it won’t think twice to show its ferocity and face you head on a fair battle.  A warthog is a nice friend but a fierce enemy; it is ready to defend its family and friends in front of any threat.  It will risk its life just to make sure that his love ones will be safe.  What a great way to be around the company of a warthog.

Warthog shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are being cornered.
  • Someone is trying to hone in on your territory such as a family member or your job.
  • You are forced to face your fears.
  • Your family is threatened.

Call on a Warthog as a spirit guide when

  • You need to overcome great odds.
  • Someone makes you feel like you don’t belong or is trying to push you around.
  • Feeling like attacked.
  • You want to know whether or not you can trust someone.
  • You are seeking the truth.
  • You are a male in a court or custody battle.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013