Walrus meaning animal totem

One of the largest marine animals, the walrus, can be found in the following oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean.

Mature walruses can be identified with their familiar features like its body size, whiskers and tusks.

It weighs at around 1,700 kg and mostly seen at shallow water areas.

The presence of a walrus on ancient folklores are evident in the Arctic region since the indigenous people living on that region are hunting walrus for their meat, skins and bones. The walrus’s population decreased at an alarming scale due to people hunting them because of their ivory tusks and meat. But after the hard work of some dedicated personnel, walrus’s population went stable especially on the Atlantic region. The walrus, because of this, is considered a hearty animal. They are often portrayed as warm hearted until cornered. When cornered they can be dangerous and protective.

Walruses appeared on Lewis Carolls’ poem, The Walrus and the Carpenter. The creature was portrayed as someone who uses trickery in order to eat countless of oysters. The Beatles also made a song about the poem entitled "I Am the Walrus." Furthermore, the Walrus is mentioned at Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book” where it is described as the big creature that has no conduct except maybe when it is asleep.

In Inuit’s myths and folklores the animal was first indicted in the story about the Queen of the Underworld. It is said she can transform into a figure of a walrus, Sedan, after her death ruled the far side of the underworld and her castle is way farther than the planet Pluto making it cold and unreachable.

The walrus can use its tusks to emerge out of water, climbing the ice and also as a tool to defend him. Its skin is as sturdy as an armor to protect him from his predator. This animal totem is teaching importance in life. Do not ignore the significance of your life - especially the part your personality plays. Furthermore, it is teaching us that every person in this world has a purpose in life. Do not undermine anyone’s ability no matter how small or how big it is.

The walrus is also teaching us about knowledge. The Walrus is said to be the keeper of knowledge, meaning if this creature comes to you he is trying to tell you that you can achieve a higher sense of knowledge. He can show up also when one needs to step back and focus on the important aspects of life as a way to show one that greed or money-minded is not attractive to others.

This animal is also trying to tell us that secrets will soon unveil; walrus people also have the ability to see the beauty in everyone.

It is quite mystical that most people that have the walrus as their totem have the ability to perceive things just by their touch or by a smell. The walrus also teaches one to have faith.

Walrus shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to focus on spiritual growth or enlightenment.
  • Faith is being lost.
  • You can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.
  • You need to seek knowledge, it allows you to know the questions that you need to ask.
  • You are promoted or seeking higher education.

Call on a Walrus as a spirit guide when

  • You want to learn or are seeking a teacher in real aspects of life.
  • Seek a balance between reality and grounding.
  • Are dealing with the loss of a loved one.
  • Feel overwhelmed emotionally.
  • Need protection or are protecting your family.
  • When you want to stand up to someone.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013