Do you have the image of a vulture shadowing your thoughts? Have you seen Vultures recently?

So you are here to learn more about the vulture? Well, the vulture is normally the most confusing bird and we often associate the vulture with cartoons and being rather dirty. There was a time when I kept seeing the vulture flying over me when I was walking on a certain route.

This led me to think and meditate on this animal totem, to try to uncover why it was making such an impact on my life. The vulture is a rather interesting bird - but strangely they are considered dirty because they year roadkill. But we need to look past that, think about how it flys!

Firstly, the vulture soar high in the sky with not only ease but also grace.

Vultures can fly high giving them lift. When I noticed the vulture in the sky I felt a sense of peace, that I was being lifted in life. And did you know that they also have thermal vision! This is associated with auric vision and the ability to see very well. The vulture can see thermal imagery when flying in the sky, rather like how we see warm heat on the road in the day. They can uncover the “warmth” in someone, spiritually.

In fact, they are rather clean and wash after every meal. The thing that really turns us off is the fact a vulture eats dead animals. However, the meat must be fresh, as they do not feed on old carcasses.

Most people don’t like the look of the vulture, mainly due to the large size and bald head. The baldness is due to eating the carcass and bacteria has touched their heads, thus, through evolution they do not have feathers on their heads. Maybe you have seen one passing or the animal keeps coming to you. I started meditating and thinking more about how this amazing animal can enrich our lives and there is many exciting things I want to share with you.

The most famous of vultures is the turkey. We all love the turkey for thanksgiving or Christmas dinner but it is not the same, a turkey vulture is normally found in North America and often known as a buzzard. It can resemble a wild turkey… hence the name! One fact, that I was surprised to learn is that the turkey vulture actually vomits and uses it’s vomit in order to ensure they are not attacked. Yes, not very nice I hear you say but read on.

The turkey vulture is spiritually connected to our own inner psychic ability, it allows us to tune into our spirit, the colors, currents and aspects of our life.The vulture tunes into our psychic powers and can teach you how to focus your energy and how to gain power in life. The gravity used by the vulture allows them to swoop down from the sky when hunting it’s prey. The currents of the wind carry this amazing creature. I

In summary, they do not fight the wind they work with it. So what is the spiritual secret of the vulture? There has been much research on vultures and scientific research into the fact they can connect with other vultures by subtle message, this is heightened when they find a carcass to eat. The black vulture is another species and this has a short tail and white patches on it’s wings. This vulture is associated with power and as they like to lay in the warm sun is connected to happiness in life. Moving onto the actual symbolic meaning of a vulture we need to look at the key characteristics:

  • Powerful
  • restful
  • Peace
  • Protecting others
  • Being resourceful
  • Clever

The vulture is resourceful, it can be associated with something important in life - the way we are inspired. As the vulture is able to see in more way than one, and have advanced eyesight then this is connected our own inner energies. They thrust when moving into the sky and they can see road kill many miles away. So, if the vulture is your own animal totem then this is connected to how you are feeling inside. It can also suggest that you have a worrying digestive system, basically you need to watch what you eat. The vulture has an extended history of spiritual empowerment and if this comes into your life, or as an animal totem then you will be able to accomplish tasks.

The ancient Mayan culture considered the vulture as a symbol which cleans and renews the earth of the dead thereby transforming it.

Does seeing a vulture mean death?

No, to see a vulture in the road is an omen that you must try to use the resources around you to make your dreams come true. If we look at the vulture, they do not use hunting methods. Instead they are natures “cleaners” they eat dead road kill. Thus, this omen is trying to let you know that you must try to use what you have built in your life. Have you go talents that you are not utilizing? The vulture is an omen of a new way of doing things, having the control to use whatever resources that you already hold.

By Flo Saul
Mar 26, 2013