Voodoo Fertility Rite

Voodoo Fertility Rite

Many cultures hold heavy expectations in matters of fertility.

For some cultures if reproduction does not happen, that could mean the extinction of a village or a way of life.

Of course in modern times, we have to worry about the extinction factor less, but the fertility is still tremendously important to most humans. The propagation of the species is a natural desire that most want to participate in.

If for some reason that ability to procreate is stunted for some reason, this could be quite a shocker in relationship setting.

Within Voodoo there is a Fertility Rite which is supposed to aid in fertility issues that might seem somewhat desperate to the outside observer, however, this ritual is known to be an honor to the woman as well as the man or men participating because the communal consciousness of propagation takes over the fear or judgment that might come should the woman or man continue to be barren.

This is an ancient ritual. 

The chicken should be dead before this is carried out. In this ritual, a woman would lay naked out on the floor in a spread out position. Three participants must surround the woman constantly beating out a rhythm on the Voodoo drums to symbolize the pulse of life necessary for life to be brought into the world.

A white hen is held over the woman’s body, which would take the negative energy that is being inflicted on the woman causing her to be barren out of her.

The head of the chicken is sliced completely off with a razor sharp knife, and the hen’s blood would be allowed to fall over her body, thus blessing her with the sacred magic intrinsic within blood. Sexual intercourse immediately follows first with the man who killed the chicken and then when he has completed the sex act, he can choose whether or not to invite either of the other drummers to take part, thus healing the woman and bringing to her a new found sensuality as well as healing the man to restore his sexual potency.

This was carried out in Africa and is said to ensure that fertility will happen. You might think this is a bit far fetched but there are many fertility spells. Moving onto a spell you can do at home (without a chicken and drums!)

This is an ancient fertility spell.  

The best day of the week to choose this spell is on a Friday the best time is 5am.

If this is too early can also choose to do the spell at 7pm, the goddess associated with fertility Vesta.  

The color candle should be red and the symbol is an egg.

Prepare your alter and decorate your surface the following:

  • Red cloth - to lay on the altar.
  • A bowl full of marble eggs.
  • Piece of iron.
  • Moon stones.
  • A bowl of apples.
  • Hyacinth flowers.
  • Taper candles:  one red and one white.

Take a few moments and breathe in the air kneel in front of your table when everything is in place stand in your protection circle make sure you breathe in deeply visualising the white energy in your body. This will lift and fill your body.

Breath out all negative energy when you're completely relaxed stand-up and draw circle with your fingers. After this, point to the four corners of the room.

Light the white candle facing the North and the red candle facing the South and say the following:

 Vesta, Vesta hear my plea let my child come to me.

Make sure that the candles burn all the way down then remove all items from the altar and bury under a tree. Repeat this the following week for 4 weeks in total.

By Flo Saul
Nov 7, 2012