If we look at Haitian voodoo we can conclude that this originates from Africa.

Voodoo was later mixed with customs from Indian tribes found in South and Central America. It is considered a satan practice. If we look into Voodoo further it is associated with a religion and rituals that can last several days.

A Voodoo practitioner is known as a boker, they only use spiritual powers and potions in order to harm people. Voodoo is based on two magical elements. Firstly, the doll magic which is associated with magical works and also the Haitian deities which are used during rituals on a grand scale. Voodoo is associated with magic principles and there is a framework in trying to carry out exercises. It is important to look at protection rituals and how these could possibly help you in life.

Voodoo and protection

There is a focus on attacks from spirit and this can be harmful to the body and also soul. There are negative spirits that can attack one at any time. If a demon is sent then even a bokor will have difficulty finding the right energy to repel the influence. 

Freya Torch

There are certain symbols that can be used. Firstly, the Freya-torch. This symbol can be used to protect one against any negative energy in life. This symbol is especially popular in Africa and it is suggested to print or draw this symbol yourself to affix to the home or car for protection purposes.

Herbal baths are associated with protection. Herbal baths normally provide a magical cleansing against evil. The herbal bath can be made up of many oils and elements. If we look back to the traditional Voodoo herb baths these were made with the following:

Aura cleanse

  • Salt
  • 2:4 ratio of milk to water.

Love protection

  • Dried rosemary
  • Soap in shape of a shell
  • Salt - handful

Both these traditional Voodoo herb baths provide protection and cleansing. To strengthen the spirit an oak bath is recommended. Add a handful of oak leaves to the bath water to establish the connect of an oak tree. Carrying out smudging after a herbal bath is traditional. This helps further protect your spirit against attack.

By Flo Saul
Mar 28, 2012