The challenging micro organism, which always makes the researchers, biologists and people in this world get surprised and create horror by their behavior, is virus.

The virus is coined from a Latin word “virion” which means toxin.

The virus infection is a deadly one which cause adverse effect in the affected organism most of the time it leads to death of that organism. They will live under all circumstance and in all temperature. A virus is a symbol of warning. The virus symbolism is danger and fear. A virus can transmit through cold, cough, sneezing etc.. in human being from infected human. Even though we have irrational feeling when we think about this micro -organism but we must be open minded about the worth of all creatures present in this world.

Virus is a shadow totem organism. We use the symbol of virus for a toxin substance. The symbolism of virus gives us an alarm about their infection which causes serious damage to human body. Like virus we have to aware of people full of negative thoughts in our life. If we see such people in any stage of our life in any situation we have to move from that place.

If they invade us then they will fill our complete mind with negative thoughts and that thoughts will destruct us completely and it will fade our life. Best saying for infectious micro -organism virus and people who has the character resemble virus is”prevention is better than cure”. In our life we should also be aware of words which causes serious infection life virus in other mind and hurt them. We should not use such word in our life and should not allow others to use such others.

Virus get spread rapidly since it produce multiple replicates as soon as it enters into one organism either human or plant. Even though virus has negative totem one of its symbolism is needed to be followed in one’s life. Its fastest in achieving the target and its hard work .This symbolism must be followed in achieving the target which we fix in our life.

If in our dream if we see a micro- organism virus invading into an organism means some people is going to ruin you by means of their negative thoughts and they are going to demolish you completely .In our waking life we should be aware of such people. If we take that dream in the positive sense means that we are going to do a work with strong determination and immense potential and you are going to succeed in your work. Working of virus in group symbolizes that co -ordinated group work will bring a success. In order to protect us from virus we have to act as an anti -virus software which we use to destroy virus in our computer.

The symbolism of the virus can appear in your thoughts when

  • We are in danger.
  • We are in the group which consist of people with negative thoughts.
  • We have large number of options as a decision for a problem.
  • We are in small problem but effect caused by them in our life is massive.
  • We prepare our self to invade something.

Call upon virus symbol when

  • Group of people work hard and complete a task very quickly.
  • We aware about something.
  • We are full of positive thoughts and any negative thoughts could not spoil your life.
  • We share our ideas with large group of people.
  • We clear the virus in our system using anti -virus.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013