Violet Colour Therapy

Violet Colour Therapy

Known as the the color of balance, violet consists in a perfect equilibrium between both red and blue, so in color therapy it combines both passion and wisdom.

Violet is considered to be the opposite of green. Thus, this stands for the opposite of spring and nature.

Therefore, this means that violet is an autumn color. The violet (indigo) color has a calming effect on one. It is said to lower blood tension caused by too much stress and it can be used in helping addicts. It is known to have a stimulant effect on the nervous system.

This color is great to be used for treating people with a sleeping disorder or suffering from stress, it is used by people who practice meditation, to bring them in a higher state of concentration, and it can also increase creativity.

The violet color is thought to be a stimulant of the highest ideals of the human mind, so it can help architects, sculptors and painters accomplish masterpieces. Even some of the world’s best artists shared this point of view on the violet color: Leonardo DA Vinci claimed that the meditative power can be increased if you do it in a room that has violet windows, in the middle of the day, so the sun can pass through them.

Wagner composed some of his best work in a room with violet curtains, and Saint German used the calming and purifying effect of violet to cure the ill. These are just some examples of the good that violet can bring into our lives.

Medicine has evolved a lot in the last century, and it uses color therapy to cure some diseases, violet is used for: epilepsy, sleeping disorders, stress problems, tumors, and even in eyesight problems. It is important to know that while these are the benefits of using violet, there can be some downsides also, such as: feeling superior, having no concern for others and it is used by fanatics.

Also, some people link the idea of a violet color is associated with the users of dark magic. The therapeutic effects of the color violet, and reviewing its strong sides and its weaknesses, it is without any doubts that it should and must be used by those who need to find a state of calm, relaxation and equilibrium in their lives. There are some very interesting facts about the color violet: violet is featured in the U.S. Military Purple Heart award. This award represents courage; violet denotes virtue and faith in Egypt. Also, violet is the color of the highest denomination poker chip and it has the value of 5000$, and also, in Christianity, it denotes pride.

By Flo Saul
Feb 12, 2013