The dot pattern for Via is single, single, single, single, creating a straight line of single dots.

The shape that they make could be considered a path, which makes sense considering that in Latin, Via means “the way” or “road”. In geomantic readings, the presence of this symbol refers to a predetermined path for the querant and will often indicate that life challenges that are currently present are there as a rite of passage, so to speak, into the next stage of their life.

Because this symbol is made up entirely of odd numbers, it is considered a very powerful sign. The energy is direct and forceful indicating that there is a powerful current around the reading that it is included in.

Geomancy Symbols

Associated with the moon as well as both zodiac signs that the moon rules over, Cancer and Leo, Via is associated with duality. The energy that is can influence with is all completely active. It can be seen as a transformative symbol for a querant, showing that they are heading down a road on a journey of adjustment. This is not a simple jaunt, rather it is almost exclusively a difficult endeavor, a most excellent adventure.

Much like the figure, Populus, Via consists of equally paired dots. Populus forms two lines of 4 evenly paired dots side by side and represents people. Via, on the other hand, is formed by a single line of odd dots, indicating actively charged elements. It is an interesting dynamic because it speaks to the nature, perhaps the culture of geomancy at the core, the idea that everything is connected and that humanity requires cooperation, understanding and gentle prodding to move forward.

You couldn’t get away with the quick and influential energy of Via if you applied it to a large crowd. More than likely, that would be disastrous chaos as you would have so many people with so many reactions. The divination would be useless because there would be too many variables to calculate in order to get a prediction.  

Thus, Via is considered to be a singular symbol, either effecting one person mainly or one situation specifically. The lesson and motivation between the energy of it is swift and singular. Like a whirlwind, it comes into a person’s life and turns it upside down for better or for worse. Because it is so dynamically powerful, often the reverberations of the effects of Via are felt by others than just the intended individual, but this is more the way that a parent hates to see their child sad or hurt. Via influences the self and any surrounding people react, because of their own actions not because of the energy of Via specifically. 

Because of the singular nature of this figure, it is considered the champion of life lessons learned. Via does not teach, if it did you would likely see Saturn’s influence or at least one passive, patient element to teach the lessons needed. Rather, Via is inherently different from other figures because of it’s both limited scope, yet vast transitive nature.


As you might imagine, this means that the figure is can accompany wary times in a person’s life. It is neither good or bad, as it can represent a brutal rape or time at war, which causes PTSD or a blissful marriage or landing that big promotion that you worked so hard for.

The key is realizing that sudden changes, of any kind, will cause a shift in most people’s lives. These kinds of experiences are what develop constitution, create bonds of trust or allow a person to actually gain empathy as they glimpse the other side of the wheel. Keep in mind that when you see Via in a reading, especially in the 1st and 14th house, that the changes associated with this card are worth the pain and risk that may be felt during the process.

Accepting the path and being open to the energies at this time will come with the rewards of empathy, understanding and clarity. A sudden deviation, or a fork in the road so to speak, is in front of you. You should rely heavily on outside resources or other divination tools to find the deeper, personal meaning of Via in a reading. You can do well to trust your emotions and internal compass to guide you, in moments of calm. Since all of the elements are active, additional context is often required to figure if current or upcoming transitions will be harmful or beneficial.

By Flo Saul
Feb 19, 2017