Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkey

The Animal encounter symbolism gives us a lesson to lead our life with high potential, positive esteem, intelligence, confidence and courage.

Even we can make a decision for any problem by looking into their symbolism.

By classifying animal based upon their habitat we get a clear structure about their symbolism. Most animals live in the habitat of land. Next to human, the animal with higher order is monkey. The vervet is the common name given to all members of the family comes from same genus.

It serves as the non –human primate model for understanding social behavior and genetic nature of humans according to the behavior researchers.

The Vervet Monkey are mostly vegetarian consumes only fruits, vegetables and leaves from trees. They have black face. They have grey color hair which covers their whole body. They have tail which ranges from 19 inches in length for male and for female their tail length is about 16 inches.

They have noted human –like character such as hyper tension, anxiety and social behavior. They live in group. In one group there is about 10-15 individuals consist of both male and female monkey. Male monkey will change their group when they attain the sexual behavior. They climb from tree to tree using their long tail.

The vervet monkey is the totem of “the people living in bakgatla” .The vervet monkey symbolism are inter and intra group social behavior, recognizing their offspring spiteful action and communication. One of their best symbolism's is their kin relationship.

They will protect female monkey in their group from the male which comes from another group. This symbolism resembles human nature that we will protect our kin when they are in trouble. They teach us that we should live in group and we should be helping handed among our group and we should help others when they are in trouble. They protect their offspring and even they safe guard the offspring of other monkey when it is in trouble.

This behavior of monkey teaches us a lesson that we should treat all human present in this world is equal and we should not discriminate them at any cost. It have been observed to destroy a competitor's food source rather than consume it themselves.

This behavior of vervet monkey seems to be very dangerous that even it will die while fighting at each other. It symbolizes that we should not fight with others at any circumstance and we should forgive and forgot others. If in your dream you see a monkey climbing from one tree to another, it symbolizes that your decision skill is not enough to make a decision in any problem and you should work on it in your waking life.

Vervet monkey shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You lack confidence in making a decision.
  • You live in group with your family.
  • You see orphan people on roadside.
  • You help your kin.
  • You miss a family member.

Call on a Vervet monkey as a spirit guide when

  • You want to develop good relationship in your society and developing a good relationship with others.
  • You help an orphan child and provide food, shelter and clothing to them.
  • You protect your kin when she is in need of help.
  • You settle some one problem and avoid them fighting.
  • You protect your offspring.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013