Uruz is also known as Urz. It means “power” in life.

Key Concepts:

Healing, Courage, Creation, Vigor, Endurance, Good Health Psi: Persistence, Will Power, Freedom, Determination, Boundaries Energy: Healing, Survival, Endurance Mundane: High Stamina, Good Overall Health Divinations: Vitality, Uncontrolled Anger, Ignorance, Luck, Power, Strength Rules: • Through strong willpower, change your circumstances. • Maintain your mental and physical health yourself. • Keep analyzing your personal space. • Stay full of strength and confidence in all situations. • Control your anger tactfully. • Be responsible in your life. Meaning of Uruz… This rune is sacred to Thor, the God of strength, power, and thunder.

Uruz is associated shaping new circumstances in life. There is a focus in life. There is a focus on healing. 

This rune stone is associated with the pattern of nature. It shows domination and strength of other people. If this rune stone appears in a reading it indicates new events.

This rune stone is a wake-up call and we have to take strong action going forward. We must ensure that our own desires are met. 

Uruz is also connected to how we shape our lives going forward. It holds wild strength, when Uruz appears in one’s reading indicates the necessary respect for nature.

When it’s the right side up in a reading, Uruz (or Urz) is considered to be a rune of creativity, artistic nature, and high sexual energy. It also symbolizes the end of situation in one’s life and the start of new beginnings. This rune indicates an unscrupulous and unhappy phase in one’s life, possibly the loss of a relative or minor materialistic loss. But one should not get afraid as new possibilities will come from losses.

Often at times, Uruz signifies a person’s unknown supremacy, intelligence, power. The main keywords for this rune is fortune, decent luck, sexual energy, and new opportunities.

Since Uruz is a sign of wild bovine it denotes fresh, powerful fighters. Uruz’s power, is based on luck.

This rune means that one’s emotions are not so easy to control, as compared to Frey. To draw this rune is a powerful omen. There will be new powers and energies that will be appearing constantly in the universe.

The presence of this rune means one should handle life with care. One should never forget that this universe is full of unseen powers, and at times, they can be dangerous.

Uruz is considered to be a mixture of strong willpower, endurance, and the will to fight back in strange situations while leaving one’s ego behind. It is a rune that supports self-healing powers and is considered to be a positive omen when one is ill.

This rune reminds us that every human has a right to live content. If reversed, this is not a positive rune stone. It signifies many unseen complicated health conditions, slow-paced progress in one’s life and delays.

By Florance Saul
Mar 6, 2013