Toad spiritual meaning

A toad is a special kind of species under the family of the frogs that has similar attributes but deserves special mention. 

The toad is pretty popular on folklores and myths. They often portrayed this creature as an ugly, gentle creature, but often times emerge as a hero of the story. In medieval ages these creatures are often associated with the devil due to the belief of the Catholic Church that toads are associated with the witches and witchcraft.

In ancient Egypt this creature is a sign of new life, fruitfulness and prosperity.  Furthermore there is an Egyptian God named Heget often depicted with a head of a toad. Heget is a Goddess that signifies fertility. Greeks and Romans also connected this creature with prosperity and harmony, and are oftentimes associated with the Goddess Aphrodite.

In China, toads represent the yin which is a symbol for rejuvenation and good fortune.  While the Vietnamese believe that a sound of a toad is a sign that it is going to rain soon.  Scotland believed that a toad is a charm of good fate. In ancient Peru, the Moche prays to animals, toads are often times seen on their artifacts.

If this creature presents itself to you, it means that the success that you are waiting for is drawing near.  It is often a good luck sign but requires action. Much like the story of the frog prince, the toad is a symbol of having to do something that you may not particularly like.

Doing this task will often prove to be rewarding. Frogs are usually connected with money and fortune. If you’ve experienced a series of bad luck recently, the toad is a good symbol that your fortune will start to turn. 

A toad is also a harbinger for a time to examine your inner self.  Are you letting so many opportunities passed your way?  Are you doubting on yourself that you’re abilities are insufficient to succeed in life?   The toad is a reminder to us that we are pretty capable to do well in life if we will only grab the chance that life is offering us. 

A frog is also a continuous reminder not to doubt on our self, look at him, he maybe the ugliest creature you’ve ever seen but he never hesitated to show its presence.

Toad is a Lunar Symbol which represents Yin and Yang, life and death, good and evil, light and dark. The toad is also teaching us to find balance on wealth.  How are you thinking of spending your money? It is fine to spend something for yourself and your family, but when is the last time you give back?

When the toad comes to you, consider it a sign that you need to take action. The toad does not succeed by sitting idly by. They are animals that have to eat almost constantly and any missed detail can result in them suffering. This can be a sign to be more alert to small details in your life.

The toad is also considered an astral traveler because he can survive in both worlds - aquatic and the physical. He can be in the spiritual or emotional level represented by water and the physical plane represented by the ground.

He is grounded in his spiritual being. While the toad may be a stubborn guide, he often will help you with encouragement. His attention to detail will help in learning to communicate with the spirit world. He is also a sign that spiritual education can take time. Do not be frustrated when things do not happen overnight. Have patience and persistence.

Toad shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are feeling unlucky and your luck is about to turn.
  • You need to give back to others that have helped you.
  • When you are being challenged to do the right thing.
  • You seek emotional or spiritual guidance.

Call on a Toad as a spirit guide when

  • You need to pay special attention to minor details in your life.
  • Are afraid you may be missing something.
  • When you want to communicate more clearly regarding emotions or spirituality.
  • You have a difficult choice or decision to make.
  • Unsure of which opportunity is the right one for you.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013