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Tick Spiritual Meaning

Unlock the amazing secrets of this spiritual symbol



A tick is a parasite, it lives on the outer body of the vertebrates such as a cow, dog, buffalo etc. They feed on blood from their host.

What we mostly dislike about tick is they give us an unpleasant feeling and make us feel that they are harmful. In extreme cases, it we can develop a phobia about their unpleasant nature When we notice a tick, we try to kill it at once, due to the irritating feeling that we have. To have a tick as one’s totem will be somehow challenging for us – simply because of the nature of such an animal. We dislike the tick - even when we see this parasite we are afraid. We may experience an irrational feeling towards it.

But we must be open minded about the worth of all creatures, especially fight against the strong impulse to draw the line at parasites. Tick’shave been entitled as “The parable of the beast”. Tick’s can live in a state of suspended animation. They are unaffected by heat and cold. They can survive under any condition. When an animal walks by, they stick on the body and start sucking blood from that animal.

The symbolism of the tick gives us an alarm that we should be careful even about small things. Even a small thing can destroy a giant. It give us a message that we should be careful of what words we spill out from our mouth. Even a word can hurt other or can spoil a healthy relationship. We should be aware of taking each and every step in our life. The tick also symbolizes the danger of inflating fears way out of proportion compared to risk. Like a tick fear is also a parasite in a human life which sucks the entire life out and makes one feel empty. So, we should make a bold decision in our life with a sense of awareness in our mind.

Fear should not rule us, we should rule the fear. The tick gives us a message which we need to follow in our life. The message is "Do want you want to do... take sensible precautions and do not let your fears cripple your enjoyment of life”. The tick is the symbol of precaution and awareness. If the tick is one’s animal totem it also gives us positive energy. If one tries to crush the tick it would not die it will live, it will try hard to keep it’s life. The message of such totem animal is that one should not get discouraged when an obstacle comes in our way, we should strive hard to get success in our life. In our dreams of a crawling tick appears, we have to pay attention to our health. We should also examine our love and friendship or whether any human tick is sucking our life.

Tick show up a spirit guide when

  • We face a problem in our life.
  • We lose our spirit in our life.
  • We face failure in our life.
  • We are scare about something.
  • Someone ignored us.

Call on tick as a spirit guide when

  • We want to examine our relationships.
  • We are seeking to overcome obstacles.
  • We engage in analyzing our mindset.
  • We need to be protective.