People cannot deceive a person who has a thrush as their totem.

The Thrush is a special bird and there are a great many people who can communicate with them.

The Thrush that call’s you when walking in woods are calling for you to understand the way of power. Totem birds can teach us so much about ourselves and how we react to others if we would simply listen – listen to their tweets, what they say, how they swoop down to greet you.

Totems are assigned to people at birth or are a family tradition. Totems can be introduced through a journey process such as through a visualization, or a shamanic drum journey. Totems are chosen arbitrarily for the sole purpose of making the physical world a comprehensive and coherent classificatory system. If the thrush is our teacher, then this bird can provide success.

The hidden power of a thrush is that it brings new thoughts, new ideas, and newness of life.The thrush has been depicted recently in the movie, The Hobbit, described as pitch black with yellow spots on its chest.

The thrush can grow up to 20-23.5 cm and weighs 50-107g. There are no sexual dimorphisms with this species, both male and female posses a brown back with black or yellow spots, and pink legs and feet. Thrushes are commonly seen around the globe.

Thrushes are often connected with good fortune and misery. During the 1900’s, Thomas Hardy created the poem “The Darkling Thrush” that shows a feeling of depression and possibly a representation of his feeling at that time. Up to now the poem he created is still receiving raves to the critics and to the fans alike.

In some folktales this bird is connected with death. People in England believed that if a thrush visits your home it brings you unfortunate news about an imminent death. In ancient Europe thrushes are known to be sacred. When this bird shows up, it is a sign that one will need assistance.

You have done your part in resolving your problems and the rest will be finished by someone who can assist you. Your task is finished and you can do nothing to further resolve this conflict by yourself, let them handle it from now on. But having said that, it doesn’t mean that you should completely take your attention of this conflict. They will still need your guidance and knowledge regarding this situation.

People who have this creature as their animal totem are born leaders, they have a strong sense of command, but may sometimes be misunderstood for being a bit bossy. They want to make sure that all things will go as planned.

These are the people who will lay a strategic plan and will expect you to strictly follow it. Thrushes will pressure themselves to the point of squeezing their last ounce of energy just to prove to others that they can do better than them.

This creature is also a sign for you to act more as a leader and less as a boss. A leader is a good team player and can entice his teammates to create a better result and if something goes wrong he will take responsibility of it, while a boss is someone who instruct his employees and blames everything on them when things go wrong.

This bird can also be a good companion in times of loneliness, they have the ability to absorb sorrow and heal you. Call this animal when you need assistance and guidance. This bird can help you decide on things that might affect your future. I suggest that you concentrate on this bird and ask for its message to you.

If the thrush calls you in a particular way they are calling to you in the way of power. Animals can teach us so much about ourselves and how we react to others if we would simply listen.

Thrush shows up as a spirit guide when

  • When you are affected by fear of death.
  • When you need to represent your zeal to command.
  • When you need the guts to use last ounce of your energy to meet your goals.
  • When you need to be reminded to be a leader and not a boss.
  • You feel the need of assistance.

Call on a Thrush as a spirit guide when

  • You need to fight the feeling of loneliness.
  • You need guidance.
  • You need help to identify things that can affect your future.
  • You find yourself lacking in building team spirit.
  • You want to get the best of the team.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013