Thoughts about Wolf people and Dog People

Thoughts about Wolf people and Dog People

If one believes to haves some DNA of a canine and have special bond and longing for dogs and wolfs, then such a person can be defined as below:

He love dogs as well as wolfs since childhood. He is a creative and a person with different interest and people often misunderstand him and his actions. If there are people who care for him, they are the Dog People like him. He can clearly feel their care physically and even in the story books he is reading. At the present he still carries a piece from the tethers of his last dogs. He feels the presence of his dogs’ spirit and they seem to comfort him as he live his life searching for a nice girl to live with through his life.

A presence of a Dog Person comforts him as well for he is sure that a Dog Person can clearly see the Dog Person behind him yet still come close to him without any sign of fear.

He has learned the essentials of Dog People – love, protection, fun, rest, loyalty and friendship. Unlike humans who are always on their quest to know what it takes to survive yet they overlooked to live a good life. He thinks they were all stupid. Did he care for humans? Not so much, for she only values searching for his “she wolf”.

He believes that Dog People are descendants of Wolf People. So, he also researches on Wolf People as that of Dog People as well. He knows that his being is being nurtured both by the Wolf and the Dog.

He often describes himself paradoxically to the people he encountered in his life. He guessed that his real name could be Dog Wolf and it could also be a cute little Labrador. That is all about his thoughts about the Dog’s side.

Wolf itself is a predator and he loves to hunt and fish since the time he could clearly remember. He also remember the times spent with his dog brothers and dog sisters as well as the time when they learned how to use ancient tools in hunting and fishing.

Whenever he can sense a Wolf Person, he cannot control himself for he really long to move just like them. The Wolf spirit in him is really dominant!

He has a single piece of wolf tattoo which he personally drawn. He had requested a tattoo man to tattoo his skin with his very own work.

For him, the most valuable possession that he could claim is his Dog and wolf affiliation. Maybe, what he will value more in the future would be his spouse, children and Dog brothers, Goldfish brothers or a Horse sibling. He used the term affiliation but in reality he really feels that he is a real wolf/dog in the body of a human. This made him to be confused for he sees human to be unkind, not truthful and not fun lovers.

You may be shocked if one day he would go wolf hunting. That is his humble ways to look for the great relief he could have in his life. He would like to spread the reality to all mankind that they often forgot truth and real beauty. He would do this before the time comes when they might destroy their only abode and that is his way of protecting the Wolf/Dog specie.

It is noted that he is not a “six pack hunter” and that he only wants to show a predator-prey relationship. It should be noted that in every hunt, kill would be the end. For a real hunter like himself, a victory brings sadness for every kill. Hunting is like that – a hunter kills for his own living. Life is so precious that everyone should take good care. Humans should see that a hunter will always be a killer and there’s a big difference between these terms.

There are still other things which he value – Bear People, Owl People, Eagle People and Goldfish People. He loves them as much as he cares for Dog People.

To all the readers, he is a Dog Wolf and what I’ve written is his sentiments. He would rather like his work to be published and not to be deleted for wolf attacks and defends what they believe is right.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013