The Termite is an insect that has many hidden shadows - and here I explore the spiritual meaning of this wonderful creature.

When a terminate enters our mind it can represent a challenging task in life. When we see them in our life we get a feeling of irritation due to their physical nature and their activities. But some animals at times teach a lesson for us through their performance. One among them is our wonderful ‘termite’. Termites are also called as white ants especially for Australians. Why? Because of their look and behavior - which seems to be similar to ants.

There are about 4000 spices of termites found in this world. The symbolism of termites is social interaction, group strength, nesting behavior, building, and distraction. In our life we would have come across termite which usually built their nest in wood furniture, building walls etc. They are capable of destroying massive amounts of furniture within two weeks as soon as they invade the wood. They possess large group strength. They live in a group. They move from one place to another as a whole group after completely demolishing the first one. So watch your wooden chair! They possess swarm intelligence. Termites are the source of inspiration in architecture. They build their nest in such a manner that they can safeguard themselves and precede their demolishing activity. They normally build their nest with the material which is from fine particles of wood or the particles from a wall where they perform their destruction.

So what does it mean spiritually? The termite gives us a lesson that how should we proceed in our life. It teaches us how fast we have to complete a work and dedication we show to do that work. They show us how fast and quickly we have to complete a task and they guide us how to work in a group in a coordinated way with our co-workers. Even though they have negative totem due to their destructive behavior but the way they perform their destruction operation will seem to be impressive and exhausted.

They share their food with each other and there is no king queen in their colony. They all work as a team and enjoy their victory. The action of destruction comes with this creature. The termite indicates the negative side of life that can destroy us completely. The nesting behavior of termite indicates spiritually that we need to build a house for our family with immense hard work and strong potential. If we see a termite destroying furniture in the dream, it gives us an alert that we should be aware of people with negative thoughts. We should stay away from them in waking life. If they enter into our lives they will destruct it - and make us empty.

Termites show up as a spirit guide when

  • We see them building their nest and their nesting nature give us a wish to build a shelter place for our livelihood.
  • They live in decentralized colony where there is no ego arises.
  • They live in colony.
  • They share their food with other group members
  • We interact with our society.

Call on a termite as spirit guide when

  • We are fast at work.
  • We aware of people with negative thoughts.
  • We are with our family and friends.
  • We are in de centralized society.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013