Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

What comes to mind if you think of the Spirit totem - the Tasmanian devil? Do you think of the actual animal or the cartoon of the Tasmanian devil?

The cartoon devil is a whirlwind of energy but this is not an accurate description of the actual animal. 

Among the marsupial mammal the Tasmanian devil is the considered to be the largest. They have a powerful bite that is known to be the strongest bite among any living mammal. Thus, the spirit guide has large, strong jaws. Usually, they seem to be solitary but a fearsome predator. They also let out a foul smell, rather like skunks. Because of these traits, the Tasmanian devil is often not a popular creature with people. They can be dangerous and hard to predict. If faced at night they can be rather scary animals.

Tasmanian devils have quite a frightening growl. This fends off predators and humans, but they are seen as playful with each other. They possess this exceptional energy to destroy anything that threatens them. To have this animal totem can be a blessing but also a burden as it allows for intense energy but often is not rightly appreciated by others. Consider learning how to handle the brash and loudness of Tasmanian devil.

The element of tactlessness will come your way if you welcome the energy of Tasmanian devil. If this is handled well, in some case tactlessness can be equated with being blatantly honest which also brings positive results in life. Often when people spend too much time with the animal spirit of the Tasmanian devil they begin to take on the energy and the mannerisms of the animal because it is so strong. This is not a spirit for the weak-willed person! People will see you as brash, insensitive, or rude after too much time in meditation with this guide. It is not healthy to harbor negative feelings and the Tasmanian devil can have an egocentric result on people that spend too much time with him. If it can be addressed to others healthily it is good to use the Tasmanian devil as a way to express yourself. This is a therapeutic way to let out anger and not letting one dwell deep within - so long as you do not let the Tasmanian devil take you away.

This animal is full of aggression that can be associated with being unforgiving. If a Tasmanian devil, comes your way it means that you have not yet learned to forgive someone who has done you wrong. There are underlying reasons why forgiveness is not easy. Maybe you have been hurt badly. So, the animal totem tells you to manage your anger in your own pace. Also, the message is to direct this anger into something positive in life.

This animal symbolism demands from us a way to understand the wisdom of aggression. It should not be totally negative, but one needs to look for a positive side of life. Being able to release anger within us means removing the negative feelings which is healthy for anyone of us. Sometimes, the Tasmanian devil as animal totem that is said to aid those who are sick, they are able to let out the destructive energy that adds to the illness of the sick person. 

Tasmanian devil shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are sick and need help getting healthy.
  • Are challenged with rage or aggression.
  • You need a pick me up emotionally.
  • You are desperate for approval.
  • Cannot forgive someone who has hurt you.

Call on a Tasmanian devil as a spirit guide when

  • You are needing energy.
  • You are feeling low and need motivation.
  • Courage or confidence is needed.
  • You cannot forgive someone.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013