Beauty can be seen in which where they are comfortable with, you drag someone out of their comfort zone you might see a poor little child looking stranded and out of place but bring them to where their heart feels a close affinity to, then you will see their full beauty radiate - it is unexplainable.

Just like the swan, when it is near water, it feels right at home, they look like they should be there.

It may be a bird, but it shows signs that the water is where it should be.

The swan symbolizes a dynamic animal that can understand the feelings of how it is to be in every situation. It can be of the wind that allows freedom of movement, unrestricted with space; it can be of water which flows beautifully, endlessly, and it can be that of earth, steady, deeply rooted. It is for that reasons that the swan can be associated with sensitivity of emotions that not matter who you might be, a swan-like person can be trusted to be understanding and considerate.

In general, swans have always been accustomed to beauty and what is more beautiful than everlasting love. When a swan finds a pair, they are a pair for their entire life and no amount of distraction can change that. Today’s society could learn from the swan about relationships, for today, loyalty and fidelity has lost its hold on the human heart that leads to lines such as, “I do not care if he cheats on me, but as long as he still comes home to me,” which is such a sad line that the modern society has created.

For the Celtics, the swan is something that they connote with freedom of movement and I cannot se why not. For the swan is free to do whatever it pleases, it can use either the land, the air, or the waters for their migration - but even so loyalty is still a things to them, so freedom is not an option for them in relationships; they stick to one. In addition, freedom has also been associated with discovering self that is why such an animal is seen as something that is in line with the arts as for the Celts, it is physical representation of their goddess Bridgid who emanated her beauty even more through writing of poems and songs.

Moreover, in Celtic lore, it has also been connected to the passage of spirits from the other side to our world, and according to them they take the form of swans when they do and to strengthen the argument that swans are attached to someone for the rest of their life, in this story, when they leave the underworld, even then they travel in pairs.

Even in the story of the “Ugly Duckling” it tells us something about the swan. The moral was not to judge the book by its cover, but it can be encompassed by telling us about the power that each of us can have when nurtured and treated right.

The swan has many symbolized so many things and true to its nature, it makes the swan even more beautiful for its beauty encompasses that of outward appearance, but it can also be felt in the heart.

Swan shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand dream symbols.
  • You need to see into the future.
  • You need to nurture one another.
  • You need to be elegant.
  • You need a good relationship.

Call on Swan as a spirit guide when

  • You need to balance your life well.
  • You need to awaken your power.
  • You need to see into your future.
  • You need to understand spiritual evolution.
  • You need grace in dealing with others.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013