Stress relief Spell

Stress relief Spell

Stress is something that affects everyone, whether we like to admit it or not.

This spell is designed to help you cast away the things in life that are current stressors. It can be anything, car trouble, debt, love, work or even issues in regards to your current health. Remember that stress can lead to many other health complications that can be much more serious so it is important to remove stress from your life as it appears.

Things that you will need:

A fire-safe bowl

Blank paper (parchment preferred)

A red pen

A candle (red for strength and healing energy or white for peaceful energy)

This spell is most effective during a full moon. However this spell can still be performed at any time.

To start, light your candle and place it in front of you. On one side of the paper write down all the things that are causing you stress. The more you write, the more stress is offered to be healed. Really take some quiet time to write in detail. Once you have gotten all of your stresses on to the paper turn the paper over to the blank side. Write these words three times:

“With this candle burning bright, my will must be done tonight, I give my stress to this spell and from now on I will be well.”

Now envision that you are happy and stress free. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and mediate on the things in life that make you the happiness. Forget the things that were stressing you and redirect your thoughts to the things that bring you joy. Once you are in a happy, secure place take the paper that you wrote on and fold it three times. Light the paper with the candle and drop it into the bowl and chant three times, “spell is done and stress be gone”

By Florance Saul
Nov 15, 2012