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Stinkbug Spiritual Meaning

Unlock the amazing secrets of this spiritual symbol



Stinkbug is an insect that is normally found in the family of pentatomidae.

They are found mainly in Japan, China, Korea and United States.

They are brown on both top and bellow. They are considered to be pests that can really damage crops like vegetables and fruits. They suck the host plant in order to feed.

They produce some odor which acts as a defense mechanism to prevent lizards and birds from eating it. When it is handled, injured or even an attempt to move the stink bug can easily trigger the bug to produce the odor for the defense.

These characteristics of stinkbug are essential in teaching us some wisdom and knowledge in our lives as humans

Stinkbug’s wisdom includes the following: exchange of life energy, use of exterior shell as protection, use of odor as protection, camouflage.

Stinkbug understands the exchange of life energy. They get reenergised to continue their hard work while they feed on the plants and vegetables. This is a lesson to us that we should always have energy to achieve our goals in life.

Those who have the stinkbug power are full of energy and they work hard. They can work for longer hours but they know how to reenergise themselves. Life is about what you can suck from it. It is survival for the fittest. If you lose your energy, you gain nothing.

They also use their exterior shell for protection. Those who have the stinkbug power would seek for protection in their surroundings. While our houses for instance act as a shelter, they also act as a protection shield to us.

Someone with an ill motive of killing us may not get to us easily when we are inside a house. Just as the stinkbug is protected by their outer shell, we also get protection from various things that we posses as human beings. Our money for instance can be a form of protection because it can also hire the security personnel to watch over us day and night.

They also use their odor as a way of protection. When a predator comes, the stinkbug would produce and odor of a pungent smell. They will prevent them from being eaten by their predators. Just as the stinkbugs, we also have our own protection mechanisms that come up when we need to protect ourselves.

These include the internal characters we come up with to protect ourselves from harm. Some of us get angry to scare the enemy away. When someone comes to manipulate us we may get very angry at them and the anger can scare them away from us.

Some people also use smile or laughter to keep people off their personal problems. They are very depressed and feeling very sad but when you approach them; they smile in such a way as to show that they are happy and nothing is really wrong.

They also camouflage. This symbolizes the change of our characters. We need to examine ourselves and change our bad behaviors to make us better people if possible. We should also be ready to change with the situation and adapt to our surrounding. When we get to a place that is very hard to survive in, we need to adapt to the situation and find a way of making a better living from it.

Stinkbug shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to exchange your life energy.
  • You need some external protection.
  • You need to change your characters.
  • You need to use other forms of protection.
  • You need courage.

Call on Stinkbug as a spirit guide when

  • You feel fearful.
  • You need to change your characters to be a better person.
  • You feel unprotected.
  • You need energy.
  • You need to use other forms of protection.