The other day while I was hanging the washing on the line I was presented with a stink bug in the peg bag. The strangeness of the shape, the green hardshell struck my attention.

The stink bug appeared to actually "look" me in the eye before flying away. At this point of time, there was an exchange, energetically and my spirit guides took me on a journey to understand what the stink bug actually means to the many readers of my website. This fuelled me into my private library of thousands of occult books to see the true meaning behind the stink bug. A stink bug was crawling on my foot last week while I was defining my goals in life, stink bugs are about vibrational messages sent from spirit to let you know that you can and will be a success. This is a great angelic message to receive because it shows you are on the right path - right now. If you have seen the stink bug many times, or it has invaded your house or wondered what the deeper message it was trying to bring you here it is:

What is a stink bug and how is this bug spiritually significant?

The stink bug is an insect that is normally found in the family of pentatomidae. They are found mainly in Japan, China, Korea, and the United States. They are brown or green. Of course, to the farming world, they are deemed as pests and often eat away all the crops. As I've already mentioned they are a sign that you are connecting to a high source in another dimension.

The stink bug does not bite but instead sucks the host plant in order to feed. Stink bugs stink, which is why they got their name. When they are in danger they release a terrible smell from their glands underneath of their body. Stink bugs are members of the Pentatomoidea family and they are classified as true bugs. They produce some odor which acts as a defense mechanism to prevent lizards and birds from eating it. These characteristics of a stink bug are essential in teaching us some wisdom and knowledge in our lives as humans beings.

Stink bug crossing your path meaning and symbolism

If you have seen a stink bug cross your path, there are many spiritual messages that are being sent from your guides which I would like to share with you. If you have experienced an invasion of these insects inside your home, or you have noticed them in the garden then I will take you through the spiritual meaning.

What is the spiritual message of seeing a stink bug?

Stink bug’s spiritual message includes the following: 1) exchange of vibrational energy, 2) use of exterior shell as protection, 3) the use of odor as protection, and finally 4) they can camouflage. The stink bug understands the exchange of life energy.  This is a lesson to us that we should always have the energy to achieve our goals in life.

Those who see the stink bug power are full of energy and they work hard. It is a message to show that you need to can work for longer hours and also re-energize yourself. Life is about what you can suck from it, remember. It is survival for the fittest. If you lose your energy, you gain nothing. Are you feeling drained lately?

Spiritual message 1: Stink bugs indicate protection 

Spiritually stink bugs are about protection. If you are dealing in a relationship where you don’t really know where you stand then stink bugs may appear around you. If you are unsure of someone’s true feelings or intentions it can so mind consuming. The stink bug tells you “due to its camouflage nature” to mirror that person. At the end of the day, we all need to treat people how they treat us. 

Just like the stink bug protects itself by using its odor and hard shell you need to be prepared for high conflict. There are certain things you can do in order to respectfully avoid hostility. It could mean you are dealing with someone who could be a "persuasive blamer" and at the moment you are handling difficult people. This omen is a warning if a stink bug appears on your body, that you need to protect yourself. The better you can predict people's behavior going forward the better prepared you will be. Perhaps you need to create a defense mechanism if you are currently coping with anxiety, confusion, or mixed feelings about a topic in life. Heed the advice of the stink bug and protect yourself.

Spiritual message 2: Don’t hide things when you see a stink bug

As I have said above they camouflage. This symbolizes a change of our characters - or personalities. We need to examine ourselves and change our negative behaviors to make us better in every facet of life. We should also be ready to change with the situation and adapt to our surroundings. When we get to a place that is very hard to survive in, we need to adapt to the situation and find a way of making a better living from it.

Spiritual message 3: The stink bug is a spiritual message to understand negative bad vibrations

The shape of the stink bug is quite important as they represent energy, oval in shape is representative of the female womb and is sacred to fertility. It is a message to think about the vibrations that you may be exposed to in particular negativity, seeing multiple stink bugs can mean there is an all-around you a lack of purity that permeates on a broader scale, that is to the defilement of the vibrations of the universe.

If you think about it as human beings we are all laced with an element of "bad vibrations'' from certain individuals, and these can be represented as the chakras in the body. Such energy that is vibrational can become embedded and cause us illness. Moreover, to see a stink bug in close range can mean that you need to cleanse yourself of any negative contamination. The reason the stink bug is a spiritual indication of vibration is that they communicate with each other through vibrational songs. Stink bugs use songs to transfer the vibration messages to each other predominantly during mating. If you are yearning for a deeper dimension to life it is not uncommon to encounter stink bugs. Often, seeing multiple large groups stink bugs can indicate that you need to develop yourself further in your healing path. 

Maybe you need to recognize any recent traumas or other psychological obstacles which have affected your own well-being on a personal level. If you are on the lookout for hidden spiritual messages then this is a good basis in the healing process, inspired by your guides to enhance your own nascent capacity for spiritual transformation. If we look at the term "spiritual" this device from the Latin term "spiritus" which means breathing.  When we breathe we conduct a vibrational connection that moves through us and the things close to us. 

The spirit as a term has been used to refer to the human spirit or the spirit of the Holy Spirit. Often, the spirit can sometimes represent our own soul. The reason why I am discussing this is it is important to understand that the stink bug omen has entered your life to make you more aware of the spiritual vibrations around you. The spirit can also be transferred to insects and living beings.

Spiritual message 4: Stink bugs spiritually represent persistence

The stink bug resembles a small harlequin bug, and can be pests to farmers and gardeners; these bugs are often found on many plants and vegetation. Another interesting observation is their movements, they go from plant to plant to eat. In fact, they may eat many plants a day. Imagine having the energy to keep on going, from plant to plant in order to gain your food. The energy and endurance is a message to work hard at what you are good at. 

Spiritual message 5: Green stink bugs indicate protection

The green stink bugs have a hard outside shell, if you squish a stink bug they give off a terrible odor which then attracts more stink bugs.  As I detailed above stink bugs in general indicate that you need to be prepared for some strange or extreme behavior. It is a message to warn you before things spin out of control. If you are an avoider of conflict changing the way you behave at the moment might help. The problem with negative people is that they suck our positive energy dry. This is true if you have had to live with them. It could take a long time to reach an outcome, so build up your energy is the message of the green stink bug.

Spiritual message 6: Seeing a brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) indicates grounding

To come across a brown stink bug is quite rare, they were released into the United States back in 1996 and come from Asia in a shipping container. You could find a range of these stink bugs around your windows or invading your home. The brown stink bug is increasing at an extortionate rate, I've also seen the brown stink bugs feeding on my tomatoes. Strangely, they often eat the exoskeletons of accompanying stink bugs. The brown stink bug can often indicate that you need to be grounded. This will mean the brown stink bug indicates the need for meditation.

What does it mean spiritually for a stink bug to enter your house?

During the colder spells stink bugs tend to find their way inside houses, to see a stink bug in your home indicates that you must spiritually embrace the quest for the meaning of your life. You might wonder why and you're full of questions. The stink bug in the home means that you need a certain level of openness on a spiritual dimension. Bugs that enter homes generally have a mystery around them, a sense of the sacred which is beyond the mundane elements of everyday life. 

The stink bug from a magical perspective in my occult books denotes that seeing this bug will mean that you will have the ability for pure awareness, even attentiveness to a state of concentration. If the stink bug was crawling then this can indicate that there will be loving-kindness in the future. 

Stink bug symbolism indicates the presence of occult awareness

If we look back at Buddhism the premise is that they are focused on attainment and enlightenment, seeing stink bug according to the occult means you need to follow your spiritual path without distraction. We spend most of our lives surrounded by bugs and of course, external vibrational forces, and such "noise" drowns out our capacity to be more spiritually aware.

If we consider the occult it is the practice of manipulating invisible forces to shape our invisible world. It also explores the shadowy inner realities of our dreams and desires. The stink bug was often used as a magic ingredient in order to bring uncertainty to people, and in magic to reclaim the power over enemies.

Stink bug symbolism

Looking back in the past, we can see countless artistic depictions of how ancient cultures engaged with the stink bug symbol, especially in ancient Egypt. As these works and artistic portrayals of the insect naturally supercharge our engagement in spiritual and magical powers today, the stink bug was supposed to provide wisdom and create a sacred ingredient to many magical potions. 

I'm sure you have heard of the term animal totems. There is a belief that we have certain animals or insects that must guide us which are classified under duties. They are conceived of animals with zoomorphic characteristics. The stink bug is normally seen as a "higher power" that you may choose to call upon. If you choose the stink bug as your animal totem you may encounter a beautiful palette of connection where the insect can provide you with answers to your ambitions, goals, and passions under the form of meditation. I find stink bugs prolific which enables self-transformation.

Summary of the spiritual meaning of the stink bug

The stink bugs that I normally see in my garden are solid green in color and have a yellow border, and they appear to love my tomatoes! Aside from this, the stink bug is a clear sign that you need to open your vibrations and is normally a message with importance. So if you are seeing stink bugs on a daily basis, heed the advice above. 

Stinkbug shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to exchange your life energy.
  • You need some external protection.
  • You need to change your characters.
  • You need to use other forms of protection.
  • You need courage.

Call on Stinkbug as a spirit guide when

  • You feel fearful.
  • You need to change your character to be a better person.
  • You feel unprotected.
  • You need energy.
  • You need to use other forms of protection.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013