Sticky Sweet Blend Love Spell

Sticky Sweet Blend Love Spell

Sweet spells have long been popular with magicians as  way to attract love at a normal pace.

While many people don’t want to wait for love, true love takes time.

True love, if it is pure and true, should only need a push to make it happen. Forcing love is a dangerous game and can have consequences. Sweet spells take time to cultivate and make sure that the one you desire is the one for you.

The good thing about these spells is that while they don’t often attract the one you want they do bring love into your life and have an excellent result ratio in bringing true love to your life. These spells can be done with a specific person in mind, but be prepared for new possibilities as well! If you are looking for a lasting relationship that is the ONE for you then this is the spell you’ve been looking for.

What you need:

A jar of honey (preferably an old fashioned glass jar)

A small bushel of fresh lavender and rosemary*

1 small amethyst stone

Rose oil (essential oil blend)

1 strand of hair of your desired person (if you have no one in mind and are doing a general love spell then you can skip this part)

1 Stand of your hair

A body of water (preferably running water like the ocean or a river)

Pink Ribbon

To create your love jar you will want to bring the tools together and then transport to water.


First charge the amethyst by saying:

“I charge this crystal to bring love to me and find my heart’s true destiny.”

Open the jar of honey and eat 1 tsp. of the honey. Place the crystal in the honey. Cut a few sprigs of lavender and rosemary and place in the honey. Stir the honey three times and say:

“Three times three, love come to me.”

Drop three small drops of rose oil on the top of the honey and place the strands of hair in the honey.

Close the jar and tie the top with the pink ribbon.

Sweet spells can take a while to brew. Hold on to the jar until you feel that things are changing. If you notice no changes in the first week then go and get a pink candle (small, like a tea candle) and place it on top of the jar and let it burn down. Do this once a week for up to 8 weeks.

At the end of 8 weeks you are going to set your jar in a body of water – you can throw into the ocean or river. Say:

“I have crafted this jar with love and care. I feel it now, love in the air. By the current of water as the flow of life, I bid my will bring love to my life.”

Allow another month for love to fully engulf your life. You will see results over the entire length of this spell.

*If fresh is not available you can use dried herbs

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012