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Star Fish

The starfish animal totem is associated with experienceand guidance.

This animal totem generally instructs one to useintuition, sensory talent’s, as well asone’scapabilitiesofobservation.


To see this animal totem may be a sign to tell you that you are trying to manipulate circumstances or control others with your emotional neediness. This is particularly relevant if your efforts to reach out and touch others are rejected or received with distaste.If the starfish is yellow in colour then this suggests that great things are going to happen in the future.

The symbolism of a starfish teaches one how to led life with confidence, intelligence, courage and happiness. We can try to understand this animal totem byclassifying the starfish under theelement of water. Water is essential for survival - and also for starfish. This marine symbolism is linked with the element of salt water, thus there is an element of protection that maybe required.


The starfish is not only a fish, it is also said to be a star fallen from the sky into the sea. Starfish will remain still in a place, catch their prey with theirfive legs. In Christian symbolism the starfish acts on behalf of the Virgin Mary.


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The starfish is considered as a celestial symbol and it has been a totem for a deep divine love. The Virgin Mary will help her followers in difficult times in life and she also encourages people to proceed forward by solving problems of her followers. Hence, the symbol of starfish also holdsa religious meaning.



The symbol of a starfish is connected to brilliance, protection and power of knowing without learning. The starfish represents Mary as she helps her followers in their troubles.Starfish will have a safe travel even when finding themselves in  troubled waters.It is an emblem of salvation during times of hardship.


People believe that a totem of a starfish will save them during disasters. The Starfish is capable of catching prey using its all five legs.It gives us a message that we have to grasp all the opportunities which we can get, to save ourselves from danger and if possible we have to save others.


The starfish is also viewed as the symbol of regeneration and healing.In an aquarium starfish are kept as people’s guiding star. The characters of a starfish may represent aspects of yourself. Are they warm and loving or were you unable to reach or feel them because they were so self-centered?




Starfish shows as a spirit guide when…


  • You want to  have a good foundation for a plan.
  • You need to be more creative.
  • You need to unleash your resourcefulness.
  • You need to show unconditional love.
  • Seeking for greater wisdom.


Call on starfish as a spirit guide when…



  • Building a better future.
  • You need to showcase your ingenuity.
  • You need to find alternative things.
  • You are restraining yourself from expressing your true feelings particularly love.
  • You want to acquire knowledge.

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