Squirrel animal totem

Squirrels are playful and light-hearted, in the totem spirit word the squirrel is a reminder for us to have fun. 

This totem animal appears when the world has more to offer than what one thinks.  This furry creature is a source of enjoyment. We have seen squirrels leap between branches of trees in a long-range. But having said that, the squirrel’s also represent gumption.  The squirrel work’s hard stashing his food to prepare for the winter.  We might see this as a sign that we should also prepare for what's coming.  A college fund for your son? an early retirement? or fixing a small crack in the house - just in case of a strong hurricane.  We will never know, but just as a squirrel it’s better to be on the safe side - than be caught unprepared.

Distinct characteristics of a squirrel

  • Stamina - it not so uncommon to see squirrels racing through trees, their never ending source of energy is a joy to see. This represents that one has to face every day full of energy no matter how hard life is.
  • Playful – a squirrel is playful, running between branches the message here is to not take life too seriously.
  • Frugality - their sense of preparedness for the coming of winter.  The message here is to check your stocks, prepare for the future.
  • Balance - their uncanny ability to swing from one tree to another.  We take this as a sign of the need for a balance in life.  We can be whimsical considering that we are ready for the days ahead.
  • Sociable - if a squirrel can be friendly with the public, then why can't you?
  • Being Resourceful –  studies show that squirrels can only find 10% of their stashed food - a message to us that it’s also not resourceful to be too over prepared. Nevertheless, all those nuts that the squirrel failed to reclaim will sprout into new trees. 

These acrobatic creatures are not only a source of amusement but also factors who greatly contribute to the cycles of life.  Therefore we might also want to review a Bible verse, "Reaping what we sow".  If you plant good deeds on your fellowmen then good deeds will be done to you.

Squirrels go in groups or pairs, friendly with similar species.  Further observations reveal that squirrels are expressive, especially when they feels vulnerable.  This particular trait symbolizes that one should try to be outgoing, communicate effectively with other people or with their surroundings, let them know how you feel. Be articulate.

Incidentally, squirrels fall under the solar category, because they are associated with communication, love, endurance and vigour. Totems have different messages to each and every one of us.  For this to be your totem animal means you should take a walk, meditate upon the creature, let your energy flow into him, and it will divulge you its secret.

Squirrel shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be resourceful.
  • You need to save for your future.
  • You need to balance how you give and receive.
  • You need to avoid danger by climbing to higher places.
  • You need to discard the unnecessary things in our lives.

Call on squirrel as a spirit guide when

  • You have some warnings.
  • You want to discover something.
  • You need to change yourself and others.
  • You need to be trusted.
  • You need to solve one of life’s puzzles.