Squirrel animal totem

Squirrels are playful and light-hearted, in the totem spirit word the squirrel is a reminder for us to have fun. 

This totem animal appears when the world has more to offer than what one thinks.  This furry creature is a source of enjoyment. We have seen squirrels leap between branches of trees in a long-range. But having said that, the squirrel’s also represent gumption.  The squirrel work’s hard stashing his food to prepare for the winter.  We might see this as a sign that we should also prepare for what's coming.  A college fund for your son? an early retirement? or fixing a small crack in the house - just in case of a strong hurricane.  We will never know, but just as a squirrel it’s better to be on the safe side - than be caught unprepared.

It can be disconcerting if a squirrel poops on you - you might be wondering what this means spiritually. Spiritually, the squirrel is an omen of great luck - especially if you see one climbing or hopping about near your home. The Squirrel is a British folkloric animal, if you notice them in your garden you will see how they scurry around, gathering food and daring up and down trees.

Is it good luck to see a squirrel?

Yes, it is good luck. I am going to take you through what it means. It is not clear if the Celtics believed that the squirrel had magical powers, but there is some evidence of this belief in the British Cotswolds, I live near the Cotswolds and there are many superstitions around different animals. You are probably here on this page because you want to understand the meaning of squirrels pooping on you, or near your home. First, squirrels were believed to possess precognitive or prophetic abilities.

It was believed during ancient times that seeing a squirrel would appear on the ground by a house would predict the fortune of a family member. A squirrel jumping in a tree in Scotland is also a sign of prosperity, so if you do in fact see a squirrel near your garden this is a lucky omen for you. Squirrels represent planning for the long term. This is due to the fact they store food for winter. The squirrel spirit animal gives us the focus we need in life, the extra push to get what we want.

In Norse mythology, a squirrel is seen in a tapestry running down a tree. The message a squirrel carries is about going behind the roots of a tree (if we turn that analogy into spiritual meanings) it can signal that we dwell behemoth the truth in life. A red squirrel predicts that you may be running up and down if you see one. If the red squirrel poops on you it can denote a lucky day as red squirrels are considered rare. Here is a summary of the superstitions associated with squirrel poop:

  • If the squirrel has white poop it is supposed to equal great luck.
  • If the squirrel is running in your garden it predicts good fortune.
  • To see squirrel babies is a sign of great wealth.
  • For a squirrel to poop on you indicates good fortune, luck, happiness and prosperity - now let’s explore this deeper! 

What does it mean when a squirrel jumps or poos on you?

The poop of squirrels is thick and somewhat oblong you may not even notice this. Did you also know that squirrel poop turns white after a period of time. Squirrels are cute, but they have also been considered a pest because they scatter their poop, possibly leaving deposits in your home or outside. After a squirrel comes near you - there are many things to consider. I truly believe that a Squirrel comes to us - in life - to enable you to see your world and life from a new perspective. Let’s think about it - Squirrels are full of either grey or rustic colors. As you follow your path, let the Rainbow Bridge (which is a place where animals go when they die) of the soul unfold before you and now learn my superstitions of squirrel poop. Here is what to expect (spiritually) when a squirrel poops on you:

  • A new venture, and as I have already shared with you great prosperity.
  • Happiness in love and partnerships - the squirrel indicates good times ahead
  • If the poop was on your head it can suggest keeping a cool demeanour in the face of adversity - this was what I read in a folklore magazine in Wales during the 1930s.

What does it mean to see squirrels poop on the ground?

As I have already said, normally squirrel poop is white. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between this and other "animal" poop. Seeing squirrel poop in your garden is a positive sign, I can remember in my garden a red squirrel would nest in the willow tree. Subsequently, when I did see her good things often followed. If you trod in squirrel poop this is even luckier. It can indicate a fortune or a surprise in the coming days according to folklore.

What is the spiritual and mythological sign of a squirrel?

It is a sign to stop going up and down in life, we often end up ditching things and replacing situations. The squirrel is a sign that you should engage with life, and try to think about living fully. Squirrels were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians in ancient Egypt, as well as many gods and goddesses.  Regular offerings and invocations were made to the gods to ensure their continued benign presence. The squirrel was considered an animal that was free to roam but always needed to work hard.

If you think about how the squirrel has to chew every day to keep it’s teeth at a certain level, it was considered a work-based animal. The animals were not worshipped, but rather the gods who took the form of animals. The animals served as messengers between people and gods. They mummified thousands of animals to appease the gods. It wasn't the animals that were worshipped, but ‌the gods who took on the forms of animals. Animals served as a messenger between people and gods.

Is seeing a squirrel good luck?

Yes, as I have already mentioned there are many ancient folklore stories which point toward this phenomena. My Grandad, a small man who has since passed made us a treehouse in our yard which was a cool wooden structure with three doors, and a rope ladder. I spent hours going to the treehouse, and the view was fantastic. I didn't bring any books or magazines to the treehouse, I just sat on the small bench that was positioned right outside the door and gazed at the trees.

I felt alone in a world that didn't understand me and sought refuge with the animals. The Secret Garden, Narnia, and Anne of the Thousand Days had been among my favourite films. I was also a great fan of the Dickon in the film the secret garden. His ability to communicate with wildlife fascinated me. In the movie, Dickon could walk on his hands and blackbirds sat on Dickon's shoulders. I can also remember that they referred to Dickon as an animal himself (like a rebirth) into a bird, a fox, or a squirrel. This got me thinking - it was possible that I too could have been an animal in another life. So could you!

Many of us have times where we have animals that show up for us. I can remember Cassy, a stuffed squirrel of double-pint size, was gifted to me by my Aunt Flo she joined my companions who were three beanbag frogs, Bono, Franky, and Victor. But it was Cassy with which I have slept each night since. I urge you to think about the type of toys you adored when you were younger. Often in life we can take the energy of these toys and use them in our real lives. 

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a squirrel?

The squirrel spiritually is quite a positive omen, seeing one near your property equals great luck ahead according to old folklore. squirrels represent a person in our life. If you need energy, insight, or protection, a power squirrel can provide it for you. This animal may be needed for a short time or for a longer period of time.

You may find that the squirrel is your totem animal. This squirrel will often be seen in your dreams or out and about in your garden. The squirrel is a symbol that has both a personal and collective meaning. Although a squirrel might bite or scratch you, its spiritual message is to trust your instincts. When you see the squirrel it is considered the following:

  • Pests in your life that you are trying to remove (remember the squirrel is a pest)
  • Happiness and joy (yes squirrels are lucky omens)
  • Change of circumstances
  • Endless situations (think about the teeth)
  • Gathering supplies (money) for a rainy day
  • Being grateful in life
  • Looking forwards the future.

What does seeing a dead squirrel mean spiritually?

Sometimes we might see an injured squirrel or a dead squirrel and wonder about the spiritual meaning. A squirrel is considered a rodent, it chews so much wood in order to keep it’s teeth down. This is due to the set of the upper and lower jaw that continues to grow. Therefore the squirrel is considered a rodent.

We often believe that they are lovely, cuddly creatures but in fact they can cause havoc for people, especially if they decide to make a loft or attack a home. Squirrels are one of the most common mammals in the world. They are also, one of the most common pests. It is considered a mammal and they are similar to mice and rats, therefore, the meaning slightly changes if you see a dead squirrel. Spiritually, they mean that you will dodge a difficult time in life. It is also saying please don’t give away your valuable energy to projects that will not yield results. 

What is the biblical meaning of a squirrel?

The squirrel is not mentioned in the bible but there are many references to animals. The question here is that we need to take what the bible has said about animals and what they mean. According to the Bible, the squirrel is part of the rat family - seemingly a wise animal. Although it is small, the rat/squirrel can find a place in the rocks. A squirrel after all is a small, sturdy animal with strong legs and toes that is highly intelligent.

A squirrel's fur was very valuable in biblical times. Its skin was offered to God as an offering, and it was also used for making sandals and shoes. Although rats are shy, they can be very aggressive and vicious if cornered. If we look at specific scripture we can see: “And these are unclean to you among the swarming things that swarm on the ground: the mole rat, the mouse, the great lizard of any kind, which is Leviticus 11:29. In a nutshell, it is telling us to be aware of unclean or difficult times. Biblically, squirrels can indicate that you may encounter difficult people. 

Conclusion of when a squirrel poops on you

It is good luck if the squirrel poops on you, spiritually. Things will be stable and nothing serious. There is not that much information in the bible and it denotes that you may encounter difficult people - due to the fact rats (which are from the same family) indicate that life can be unclear.

Distinct characteristics of a squirrel

  • Stamina - it not so uncommon to see squirrels racing through trees, their never ending source of energy is a joy to see. This represents that one has to face every day full of energy no matter how hard life is.
  • Playful – a squirrel is playful, running between branches the message here is to not take life too seriously.
  • Frugality - their sense of preparedness for the coming of winter.  The message here is to check your stocks, prepare for the future.
  • Balance - their uncanny ability to swing from one tree to another.  We take this as a sign of the need for a balance in life.  We can be whimsical considering that we are ready for the days ahead.
  • Sociable - if a squirrel can be friendly with the public, then why can't you?
  • Being Resourceful –  studies show that squirrels can only find 10% of their stashed food - a message to us that it’s also not resourceful to be too over prepared. Nevertheless, all those nuts that the squirrel failed to reclaim will sprout into new trees. 

These acrobatic creatures are not only a source of amusement but also factors who greatly contribute to the cycles of life.  Therefore we might also want to review a Bible verse, "Reaping what we sow".  If you plant good deeds on your fellowmen then good deeds will be done to you.

Squirrels go in groups or pairs, friendly with similar species.  Further observations reveal that squirrels are expressive, especially when they feels vulnerable.  This particular trait symbolizes that one should try to be outgoing, communicate effectively with other people or with their surroundings, let them know how you feel. Be articulate.

Incidentally, squirrels fall under the solar category, because they are associated with communication, love, endurance and vigour. Totems have different messages to each and every one of us.  For this to be your totem animal means you should take a walk, meditate upon the creature, let your energy flow into him, and it will divulge you its secret.

Squirrel shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be resourceful.
  • You need to save for your future.
  • You need to balance how you give and receive.
  • You need to avoid danger by climbing to higher places.
  • You need to discard the unnecessary things in our lives.

Call on squirrel as a spirit guide when

  • You have some warnings.
  • You want to discover something.
  • You need to change yourself and others.
  • You need to be trusted.
  • You need to solve one of life’s puzzles.

By Florance Saul
Mar 3, 2013