Spoonbills are the group of wading, long-legged large birds in the family of Threskiornithidae which also includes the Ibises according to the description by the Wikipedia.

They normally have flat, large beaks that they use for feeding by wading through the shallow water.

They snap any insect or tiny fish that touches their beak as they wade through the waters.

The female spoonbill usually laid the white eggs and then both of them incubate. They do not hatch the chicks all at ago but it is done one at a time. The young ones are normally hatched blind and they therefore cannot take care of themselves and they are therefore fed by their parents.

The character traits of spoonbill are very symbolic and can be very useful to us in gaining wisdom and knowledge that can be used to teach us several lessons to learn.

Spoonbill’s wisdom includes the following:

  • Protection of the young ones through communal living.
  • Ability to clear obstacles.
  • Understand shyness.
  • Connection to marshes and estuaries.
  • Use of wariness in defence and silence.

They protect their young ones through communal living. Those who have the spoonbill power would want to live together with one another well as a community. They therefore bring up their children in accordance to the system that the community have, the children grow up with respect to every elderly person within the society rather than respecting their parents alone.

Those who have power of the spoonbill have the ability to sweep obstacles out of their way. They have the power to overcome anything that can hinder them from getting what they want. They have to achieve their dreams no matter what. They come up with solutions to every problem that comes their way. They are not terrified nor are they moved by the mightiness of any obstacle.

Understanding shyness is wisdom of the spoonbill. They know when someone is shy and when they are pretending to be shy. They have mastered this art and they have what it takes to be courageous. Just as the spoonbill, we should always be courageous enough to face any situation that comes our way. They should always do everything with courage even when we are not sure. We should take responsibility of our actions at all times.

Those who have the spoonbill’s power understand the wisdom of using weariness in defense. They do not want to accept defeat but they use weariness to defend themselves for being defeated. Some people will always look for excuses to justify their wrong actions. For instance, when someone gets to a meeting or to an office late, they’ll start blaming it on the traffic jam or the extended previous meeting to justify their lateness which might be a routine. They fail to plan their time well so as to get on time.

They also like silence. Silence is a very important moment that one should always have once at a time. We should have a silent moment when we just mediate and focus on ourselves as we examine ourselves. Sometimes silence is the best way to communicate.

Spoonbill shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to protect your young ones.
  • You need to live as a community.
  • You need to avoid the obstacles.
  • You need to understand shyness.
  • You need to defend yourself.

Call on Spoonbill as a spirit guide when

  • You need to avoid the obstacles in life.
  • You feel shy.
  • Your young ones are in danger.
  • You need to defend yourself through weariness.
  • You need to remain silence.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013