Spiritual Baths

Spiritual Baths

Water has washed and cleansed civilizations for centuries. Spiritual bath's are focused on removing spiritual obstacles.

The cleansing effect is sacred. Different cultures and religions have varying definitions' of a spiritual bath. Even during the ancient times of Rome and Egypt, baths are considered to have cleansing effects. In magic, a spiritual bath is usually part of a ritual, marking its beginning or ending. In Hoodoo, spiritual bathing casts away negative energy and attracts positive things in life.  The ancient animists believe in the concept that the soul and its connection to an inpidual’s physical self can be achieved through a spiritual bath. They practiced offerings, rituals, sacrifices and baths that granted them the blessing of the Ancestors. Bathing in sacred water cleanses and rejuvenates the soul, giving it mystical energy. Its practice was adapted later on by other cultures and religions, adding their own modifications to suit their beliefs.  There are mainly three types of spiritual baths prominent in the Hoodoo practice.  These are:

Mineral baths – contain ingredients like sea salt, laundry bluing, saltpeter and other similar salt crystals. A mineral bath can have a single or a combination of crystals.

Herbal baths – mainly involve herbs, root's or bark. Boiling water is poured over the said ingredients to bring out the extract and aroma.

Mineral-herbal combination baths – the combination of mineral and herbal components provide a more enticing and relaxing experience to users. Depending on the purpose, different combinations of herbs, minerals and oils need to be mixed together.

There are several purposes for a spiritual bath. And depending on the goal, various formulas can be used to achieve its greatest effect. One is to cleanse the spirit and rejuvenate its energy, keeping the negative ones away. Another is to attract love, luck or fortune. Some is to provide guidance and open new possibilities to an inpidual. Ingredients are readily available in specialty stores. There are also bottled gels and soaps that contain real herbal extracts and essential crystals or minerals.

Preparing a spiritual bath

There are special combinations of minerals and herbs needed for different purposes. But overall, there are steps on how to properly perform a spiritual bath.

  • Wash your body with ordinary bath soap, shampoo or shower gel. Rid yourself of the physical dirt you accumulated through daily activities. Spiritual baths are made to cleanse the spirit and not the physical form of a person. 
  • Depending on the reason for the bath, there are specific instructions provided for each one. Some of the water will need to be poured on the body and some spiritual baths require total immersion in a tub.
  • There are also different kinds of physical movements to consider when taking a bath. To reel in positive energy, an upward stroke in the water is required. To dispel negative energy, downward strokes should be carried out.
  • The number of times a bath should be conducted, depends on the purpose of the bath. Some bath's need to only be performed once and some for 3, 7, 9 or even 13 consecutive days to complete the ritual. Usually an odd number of repetitions are required. 
  • It’s good to chant a mantra or prayer before the ritual. If the purpose is for attracting positive things into your life, the 23rd Psalm of David is highly recommended. Say the prayer for each bathing stroke you perform.

Finally, allow yourself to be air dried. Avoid using a towel to pat yourself dry. Doing so will remove all the effects of the spiritual bath. Wear clean clothes afterwards.

Remember that there could be additional steps and ingredients needed this was just an overview to give you the steps required. Do as instructed in the spell, and experience the spiritual bath for yourself.

By Florance Saul
Dec 6, 2012