Spiritual Attack

When People Treat You Badly

When someone wants to attack you the first area of attack is normally the mind, you will be in the fight but they will go for your head. Remember you need to try to protect yourself. Put on your helmet to protect you spiritually. Without a spiritual helmet, you will not be protected. You do not have to give people the time in your mind.

Challenge yourself and walk free. Your enemies (and we all have them) will attempt to fill your mind with fear. If you feel like this surrounds you then you can rise above it. Spiritual attack is real. When we are in a battle we feel so restless you can still walk free. The mind is our battleground, it is where our souls make plans and create our words and actions. Our minds is a place of our imaginations, emotions, spirits, and optimism. We are the ones that decide what thoughts come into our minds. Every person is under attack no matter how healthy, successful you are. In some areas of your life, you need to know that you are about to be or are being attacked. In every blessing, there is a battle. The enemy will not send the battle to you if you will not get the blessings in the future. There is something to be lost and gained. Biblically speaking we need to put on all our armor to stand for the battle. Do not give any place to let the enemy enter your mind.

Make no mistake about it, we all have enemies who try to control our lives. The key to living is to focus on victory and have an investment in your life to stand. We have to fight for our souls. The argument is war, you know you are free the enemy makes you think you are not free. We often drive our lives through our hearts and emotions and we don’t think about our head. This is where it gets complex we will never win if you are using your heart in a head fight. Remember telling the enemy how you are emotionally driven but you will never win if you cannot focus on the facts. It is impossible to sometimes move out of our emotions because you will not move on about how you will feel. How many of us are living 

Maybe someone has treated you badly and you are wondering why. Often, when we are faced with someone that treats us badly over and over again we spiritually do not know what to do.

People that are toxic drain our own energy levels and we naturally feel spiritually attacked. Sometimes ordinary people engage in extraordinary bad behavior that shocks us. What is more, these attributes can be understood. Confronting bad behavior and understanding how to recognize this is super important. Treating people badly is not a topic I just suddenly decided to write about. It brings us so much concern in our spiritual society.

It becomes crazy to think that normal people like ourselves may engage in beguiled by people that treat us badly. We believe naturally that our processes work, we are good people - but there is a real possibility that sometimes this is broken. During this decade nearly 100 million people have conducted violent acts against other humanbeings. It is very poorly understood as to why. Only a very small percentage of killings or behavior is down to crazy people. The majority are normally carried out by ordinary people, like you and me. Why? The answer to this is I am not sure. You may have found yourself going through a separation or divorce and the partner you were with spiritually seems to be treating you like an enemy, that you are a bad person. This naturally leaves you feeling down and that you cannot understand why.

The Nazi holocaust is an example of badness on a whole new scale. For some, the uniqueness of the history behind the Nazi gives us an uncomfortable belief in human behavior. Spiritually, it is hard when we come across people that cause us pain and hurt. In the bible, it implies the person is after you totally. They need your soul. They won’t give up. They will come for you over and over again. Some people cannot stop their bad treatment. Even though in their mind they are acting with all integrity they are showing traits that you have not seen before. 

If you have encountered a number of people that treat you badly in day-to-day life then this is completely normal. Think about your soul as a beacon of light, and this will overcome the darkness of anyone. In life, we often see different degrees of evil. From a nasty person who creates conflict to someone being gunned down on the street. 

Examples of being treated badly

  • People gossip about you.
  • A person encounters drama over and over again often because of their actions but they think it is through no fault of their own.
  • A parent incorrectly moulding her child's future - but not knowing right from wrong.
  • A person showing anger and abuse for no reason.
  • A person showing aggression and violence.

Being treated badly can eat away at your soul your being, your joy and happiness, and your complete development. And, I am also not saying that we are all saints. There are times that we do wrong but there is not enough power within to overcome it. 

I am sure that you will agree, we have (in our lives) all hurt some people’s feelings. It is just part of who we all are. We make mistakes. We are forgiven by God, and the most important element is that we must recognize poor behavior. Scripture is interesting in that it does say that not everyone is good. There is the possibility that we can all become corrupt. We can sometimes live under a false impression that we are all good and that we are a herald of change. The truth is that at times people or groups will have a different view and withdraw from people which hurts feelings.  

Dealing with people is something I am kind of use to (unfortunately). I say that with a sense of humor as now I know exactly how to spot a “confused soul” and what to do in order to protect myself. A good person has good words from the heart and simply, a confused soul will treat others badly (Matt. 12:34-35 NLT) In fact, as you are a “good person” you may find many people want to attach the “bad stuff/negative energy” that happens in their life to your aura. 

People you love can treat you badly

You might have begun by liking them or having a friendship or family relationship - and in time they show some strange characteristics. When one is spiritually inclined it is completely normal to encounter strange people. This especially happens when you show light and love and good karma or you are following a spiritual path in life.  Is it our fault that someone does not like us? So how do you know you are dealing with someone evil? What are the signs? How can you protect yourself? 

Chaos in their lives

The person that treats you badly always has drama going on in their life. This is due to the karmic effect of what comes around goes around. For example. If they are a bully they will more than likely have either emotional or financial problems. Often, the negative person is narcissistic and puts themselves before any other person, this can be seen. For example, this can be seen by taking drugs or not considering the impact of a new partner on the family unit showing a complete lack of empathy. Be sure that eventually, they will steal the peace and joy of those around them, they often have a lot of “hates.” After all, god governs the “soul” of each person.  

A person is unforgiving

A good person will forgive and not let another soul be in torment. A good person will show kindness at all times, especially when children are involved. A negative person holds onto grudges and anger, and try's to control a situation.

Singling out someone and excluding them deliberately

Nasty people show signs of ostracisation and single out others out for no real purpose. It makes them feel stronger. Seeing other people upset, abused, angry, or in pain gives the person joy. 

God forgives the abuser, addict, liar, and sinner and heals the situation. Some people may be out to ruin you but God and your angels are also there at your side to protect you. If you are stuck at the moment wondering if you encountered an evil person then remember that you have blessings from God and your spiritual angels. I think all of us sometimes playback events that have passed. Asking our inner child if we have acted with the greatest good. 

Some people are normally haters

Haters are going to hate! Normal people can engage in is extraordinary nasty acts in life. These attributes are normally attractive. It can be worrying to think that every day of your life you are surrounded by haters. When one reaches a certain level in life there are people that become naturally jealous of you. Even if you are just super happy this is enough for someone to be mad. We naturally don’t like people not like us. The reality is that we need to achieve success. When you start to get haters it means that you are doing things correctly. Understanding that others are going to be critical and give you negative energy means that you are widely successful. The more people gossip and bad-mouth you, the more critical and jealous they are. Don’t take negative comments personally. 

People who treat others badly put others down

If a person is happy and successful they don’t say negative things about others. Basically, they won’t engage in an activity that will waste their time.

Kill them with kindness

Some advice that I have seen online is to be kind to them. I am not sure this always works! I find this super hard to do. Being nice and kind to hates takes real effort. I always try to be kind as this normally removes the negative energy away from people that are having a bad time in this world. Love and blessings xx

By Florance Saul
Mar 1, 2020