Spell for cough and sore throat

Spell for cough and sore throat

In ancient times there was many witch doctors that helped people repel illness.

Many people wonder what kind or color of candles they should use to work their spell. They refer to books to reference the colors and their symbolic meanings. While books are extremely helpful and informative, especially when it comes to correspondences such as these, it is also extremely beneficial to practice strengthening your own personal intuition by approaching the colors of the candles with an open mind. Determine what feels right for you. Especially in this spell which is associated with a cough.

Please bear in mind that candle colors can be used for individual purposes and if YOU have a specific alternate meaning for a color then by all means use it. You may feel that a yellow candle is symbolic of your home and hearth or that Red is the color of money for you. Both would be fine if that was the case. The main point behind any magical working is the amount of intention that you put behind it.



This spell instructs how to create an elixir sure to soothe a painfully sore throat and a nasty cough.

If you feel that you have an infection and antibiotic are needed, do not hesitate and go to the nearest urgent care.

What you need:

  • One bulb of garlic.
  • Honey.
  • Shallow bowl.
  • Green candle.

To begin, peel the bulb of garlic and shop as finely as you can.

Place in bowl and cover with honey. Allow to stand in refrigerator for at least six hours.

For a serving you will want one tablespoon and say aloud “I cannot become sick, goddess bless this spell to do the trick.” Say the chant as much as you feel is needed. You may take the elixir once to twice daily, not to exceed two times daily.

By Florance Saul
Nov 15, 2012