Sparrow spiritual meaning

I am so excited that you have seen a sparrow and you want to uncover the “true” spiritual meaning!

Perhaps you have googled “sparrow meaning” because you want to understand what the sparrow symbolizes from a spiritual perspective? Perhaps you had a dream about the sparrow? Oh I am excited! Or you have undertaken a meditation and seen a sparrow in your thoughts? Maybe you’ve even uncovered a sparrow’s nest? Or looked up to the sky and seen a flock of sparrows flying by! I could go on and on...whatever the reason, I will try to define what “sparrows mean” from a spiritual perspective. So, look no further let's get into it!

What does seeing a sparrow mean in ancient books?

The interesting thing about sparrows is that they are social. They like to live in groups and we can attribute this to the spiritual meaning of why they are sometimes connected to our social life. You might have seen a sparrow because you have some social engagements pending or your family are depending on you. Whatever the context, if you could see a sparrow you can be sure that you are going to have some social invitations in the future. It can also indicate that you enjoy being popular - you like people to like you. Sometimes in life not everybody likes us and you might have to learn a lesson at some point if you have not yet done so. The sparrows is also a symbolism of Egypt, in particular - the Egyptian hieroglyph which is associated with the common house sparrow. This symbolism is associated with the Egyptian words of “small” and “bad.” Which is quite interesting. It is also important to mention that the sparrow is powerful and connected to resilience in gaining her food in life. She will stop at nothing to eat - and these are characteristics that you may need if you have seen a sparrow and wondered what it means.

Oh wow...wait! I have just turned to look out my living room window and low and behold a sparrow is bouncing on a twig on the oak tree outside. How ironic! She is even eating a thin pink worm! That threw me slightly! Was that a coincidence? Wait, is a spiritual message from above? Yes, I am a psychic so perhaps that was a message that this article is important to reach out to the world. Oh, I just love this speckled sparrow outside my window - she is just wonderful.

Okay... I will compose myself and try to get back to giving you the “true” spiritual sparrow meaning. We often see sparrows soaring in the sky and we don’t think twice about their appearance. The first and foremost important element of the “spiritual meaning” is she offers us pronounced “protection.” We will delve deeper into what the Sparrow means in regards to protection later on but first let’s uncover her symbolism so you have a quick snapshot of what a sparrow means.

Quickly, the symbolic meaning of the sparrow is as follows

Happiness, negotiations, enjoying things simpler life, social gatherings, protecting others, and being free. Now, I’m going to ask my spirit guides what seeing a sparrow means. As I close my eyes I gain the following message: seeing a sparrow from a spiritual perspective indicates that other people are going to crowd around you and give you advice. The vision that I see is that many people are like sparrows encircling you. There will be lots of positive energy that you will communicate with others progressively and positively shortly. Also in this vision, I see the sparrow as a way of communicating with other people. The need to forgive your family and help other people. Perhaps this is why you have seen a sparrow and noticed the bird. I will now move on to uncover more about the sparrow and the symbolism and meaning so I won't keep you in suspense as I am sure you're just as passionate about sparrows as me!

Let’s first identify that sparrows are the most wonderful bird and with this bird her size does not matter! The sparrow is normally found in groups, sparrows are known as a “passerine bird” and yes, they are part of the finch family of 436 species of songbird! Some songs the sparrow sings are the most wonderful tunes you will ever hear. Yes, the sparrow is probably one of the most popular wild birds that we know. There are various species of sparrow, such as the house sparrow, the Spanish sparrow the dead Sea Sparrow, the great sparrow, the Kenyan sparrow, oh yes... I could go on..but there is 28 different species of sparrow. However, from a spiritual perspective whatever species of sparrow you do see will hold the same significance.

Personally, I had a phase in life whereby I kept seeing sparrows, not only just now, but the sparrows visited my garden daily or I would look up to the sky and the little sparrow staring back at me. I always thought it will be so nice to be a bird, being free and fly in the sky - but what does in mean in ancient times?

What does the sparrow mean in ancient symbolism?

In Chinese symbolism, the sparrow is associated with the penis. This is because a sparrow is connected to the goddess known as Aphrodite, from ancient Greece. The sparrow in the Western world indicates females who is powerful and connected. In ancient times it was believed (as a branch of medicine) that the sparrows flesh is also supposed to include aphrodisiacal, okay to you wondering what “aphrodisiacal” means? basically, aphrodisiacal is a hormone which increases the sex drive. In Victorian times, the flesh of a sparrow was used to help with erectile dysfunctions. Urgh... I hear you say! So you are wondering what on earth this means in terms of the spiritual connection. It is important for us to review this because the sparrow can also signify love, lust, and sex.

They are quite a tough bird, furthermore, they can survive against the odds which will move onto a bit later in this article. The sparrow itself is a “powerful” bird. Yes, she may be small but she has many different attributes in life. The sparrow itself is connected to nature and how we as human beings looked at material possessions to things that can’t be bought - like love. The sparrow normally visits you when we are heavily focused on progressing our material wealth, failing to not focus on the things that are “free” in life, like spending time with family. In order to fully understand what the sparrow can symbolize we need to look deeper into the spiritual context. If you see a sparrow flying through the sky, perhaps perched outside your house looking in at you - it means something! These are all important attributes and we need to understand what this sparrow is trying to communicate. Yes, she is small but wonderful - a perfectly formed bird, the sparrow can be deceiving based on her size, she tries to hold the power that is greater than anyone who has big guns. She is fast - has all her advantages over the bigger birds and bigger creatures.

It is definitely telling us that it does not matter if you are small, use it to your advantage and you may discover something far more superior than just brute force. One of the advantages that we can take away from the learnings of this article is how closely knit they can be, they may be small but they travel, hunt, and do all sorts of stuff in packs and it could get intimidating especially for an outsider; they know that they can make up the strength with the numbers that they have. Just imagine all these birds looking at you with their blinding speed and there is “power” in packs. You might not be able to catch them all once or avoid their pecks hitting you anywhere they desire. The sparrow is very vigilant and protective of its goals and works hard to get them. They are always busy wandering off looking for food, protective of its young - never wasting one moment, even a single second. The sparrow always seems to be looking for ways to be productive and does this fast. It reminds us that we can only have so much time that we forget how fast it flies.

A master of adaptation, she teaches us that life is something that should be tackled creatively and never be too serious about it - always think outside the box. For example, when a rock blocks your way, most of the time we go through it or go over it, but this time, think about how the water overcomes that rock - it flows around it, doing less harm, consuming less time, and less effort. Life should not always be too serious, take time to assess the situation and a solution will come to you.

Why does a sparrow mean protection in its symbolism?

Yes, the sparrow is connected to protection in the sense that we are going to be protected by those around us. The little sparrow is often seen in clusters with other sparrows. Perhaps they are flying in the sky together or sitting on the tree. In terms of the symbolism and it denotes how we as human beings connect with each other. Sparrows often live in these clusters in order to be protected. Therefore, from a spiritual perspective, the sparrow signifies not only protection but also represents your approach to how you socially interact with others. The other takeaway message of this animal totem is that sparrows are devoted to their families. They live in groups connected to their families and are associated with care, attention, honesty and protecting the young.

How does the sparrow represent self-development spiritually?

In many different superstition texts, the sparrow is associated with development. As a spiritual message the sparrow can indicate that we need to develop ourselves through the help and guidance of others stop as this little bird is social in nature and as we have already concluded lives in clusters the sparrow can indicate that we need to develop ourselves so that we move away from the material world to the spiritual world. Yes, the sparrow indicates that we need to have more self-confidence and value in life.

What does the sparrow mean if they appear to be your spirit guide or animal totem?

I am sure there is lots you have already concluded spiritually about the sparrow that I have mentioned previously. So how do we uncover what the sparrow means if they are your animal totem? In order to uncover this further, the sparrow normally appears as an animal totem when we need to review how we socially interact with others. The sparrow has a key message in regards to meditation. The sparrow is resilient in collecting small insects oh yes, and seeds to survive. We can transfer the characteristics of the sparrow to how this can apply to you on a spiritual level. The sparrow in this sense indicates hard work through dependency on others in order to give you what you want out of life. Ironically, the sparrow is also connected to how we work as a “collective team.” As sparrow is found in “groups” it can suggest that the only way to overcome any difficulties in life is to work together. The other area that we need to also consider is how productive the sparrow is. They are not only powerful in groups but also they work hard together. If you look at Western tradition the sparrow in England is connected to a symbol of peace, friendships and also harmony in life. In fact, in Victorian times if a sparrow entered a home it was a symbol of happiness and contentment.

From a dream perspective, the sparrow indicates a symbol of not only the freedom to move in different directions in life but also a symbolism of power and control. If this bird appears in your dream it can be rather inspiring. Additionally, because of the social gathering and implementations of teamwork, the sparrow can represent the closeness of the family. If you see a small baby sparrow in the dream it denotes that a new baby is likely. This could be your own baby or other people's. You should appreciate your energy and positivity if you see a sparrow in a dream. If you see a flock of sparrows in your dream then this indicates a new approach to difficult problems. It can also symbolize family connections and happiness.

What does it mean to see a sparrow sitting on the window?

If you see a sparrow sitting on a window or flying into a window then this illustrates that there will be a secret that will be uncovered. This secret is likely to be in a group of people due to the fact that sparrows live in groups. The sparrow seen near your window can suggest that you will be guided in life and you should enjoy any gains and material wealth in the future. There is also warning of seeing the sparrow near the window in that you should try to enjoy the free things in life not focus on material possessions.

What does it mean to see a dead sparrow?

From a superstition perspective seeing a dead sparrow in your garden, on the road alternatively see a sparrow suddenly drop dead in front of you can be rather worrying! Is it not surprising you have come to this article to try to find answers? We have covered quite a lot of sparrows in the above paragraphs, however, to see a dead sparrow indicates that your innocence and freedom in a situation may be challenged. As a sparrow is connected to other people seeing a dead sparrow can suggest that you will encounter some difficulties in the future.

What does it mean to see a wounded sparrow?

To see a wounded or hurt sparrow indicates that no matter what you can overcome all your difficulties in life. If you see that the sparrow has hurt its wings and is unable to fly then this indicates that you might lose an important aspect of your personality in a situation where you do not have any control. The sparrow often is associated with cooperation in the community, therefore, to see a wounded sparrow can indicate that this may be challenged going forward.

What does it mean to see a sparrow flying in the sky or a flock of sparrows?

You might have looked up to the sky and see many sparrows flying by and wondered what does this mean, is there any spiritual significance? As we have seen in this article a sparrow is connected to social gatherings, protection and also more importantly family. It could be that you have a desire hidden inside you.

Maybe your family hasn’t turned out the way that you wished for, it could indicate that you would like to have more care and attention. It can simply be that somebody in your families missed your birthday or has a conflict with you in some way. The symbolism of "flying sparrows" can indicate freedom. The freedom of choice, the freedom to spend time with whom you want. More importantly, seeing a flock of sparrows in the sky is connected to family and how you bond with that family.

What does it mean to see a sparrow’s nest?

Disturbing a sparrow’s nest can be quite worrying, I can remember when I was pruning a bushy tree at the front of my house and a sparrow’s nest fell out which contained some eggs and some baby sparrows! Oh no I thought, yes It did disturb me and I managed to put the nest carefully back into the tree and I then left the cutting completely. I’m looking out of my window now seeing the tree still half cut! I’m glad to say that the Sparrow mother did return to the nest and feed her babies - so a good ending. However, it did make me wonder what the symbolism is of finding a sparrow’s nest, especially when I was so unaware of this in the tree. Seeing a sparrow’s nest according to legend indicates a new friend will appear. I can vouch for this because later on that day I actually made friends with a new neighbor who lived opposite. That was 11 years ago. So, when I reviewed my superstition books it was clear that seeing a sparrow’s nest indicates friendship. Additionally in some ancient superstition books that I have on my bookshelf in England seeing a sparrow represents friendship social gatherings. It is sometimes believed that if you have hidden desire in life then the sparrow will appear in many different ways. If you see Sparrow eggs in the nest then this represents financial gain. There was an old wives tale, in Scotland, whereby people who touched Sparrows eggs would become affluent. To see a sparrow’s nest and not touch it symbolizes happiness and contentment in life.

What does a sparrow mean in your dream?

In our dreams, when the sparrow shows itself in the dream state, it might be a sign that we are carrying too much burden, no matter who we are we can never be Superman. Yes, even Superman has help with difficult opponents. Keep your heart light and your spirit clear for it is not healthy to carry too much burden. Remember that it is always good to share, not too much though. Try not to abuse others kindness. There are so many attributes that the sparrow has been connected to in dreams - joy, inclusion, simplicity, community, friendliness - remember that even the small sparrow can be powerful when it focuses on it’s own strength.

What does it mean to dream of eating a sparrow?

Eating sparrows in a dream can suggest that you are going to have some difficulty with other people in the near future. The sparrow appears when we are looking for our own innocence in life. It is important to try to persevere with a positive outlook in life. Eating a sparrow can be connected to sex, as these are also highly sexed animals. We have already mentioned that in Victorian times they eat sparrows to have more sex! So you sexy thing! You might have some action tonight!

What does it mean to dream of holding a sparrow in your hands?

To dream of holding a sparrow implies that you need to work hard in life. The sparrow normally arises in dreams when we need to not only work hard on our material side of life but also spiritual. In this sense, a sparrow is connected to our creativity and how we can transfer this into life. The fact the sparrow is in your hands in your dream means that the creativity is within you. The sparrow often teaches us that creativity will allow you to progress in life.

  • Sparrow shows up as a spirit guide when: You have some desire. You need to be fertile. You need to manifest new love in your life. You need to understand the aspect of race. You should be able to use the power of a song.
  • Call on Sparrow as a spirit guide when: You need to manifest your love to others. You need to understand those from other races. You need to understand the aspects of color. You should be able to use the power of a song. You need to fulfill your desires.

So what is the biblical meaning of a sparrow?

The sparrow gains their power in life and this bird is also connected to Christ on the Mount of Olives. There are also various stories in the Bible of how Christ has made 12 sparrows out of clay in Joseph’s workshop. In a biblical sense the sparrow was a symbolism of the lowly, and also was supposed to be given the protection of God the Father. The sparrow came to this world through God’s will. God received the sparrow as a form of life. So how can we transfer the biblical meaning of the sparrow to the modern world? The sparrow - from a biblical sense is associated with the inner desire and will in life. Perhaps the sparrow can teach us how to focus on our own life - rather than others and material possessions. The sparrow itself can indicate the fact that you need to keep on working in life. Working not only in a material sense but also in a spiritual sense. The biblical connection of the sparrow is focused on compassion. In the bible, Jesus knew that the sparrow should not be forgotten. Jesus was focused on communicating how God loves mankind. Jesus said “Not one sparrow is forgotten in the sight of God” this shows the amount of care that God has for this bird and mankind. Oh and let’s not forget the most famous biblical saying from Luke 12:6 “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten by God. So fear not! You are more valuable than many sparrows” So, what does this mean? There is many references to this saying, but basically, I believe it is a way for Jesus to take a common animal and apply a value to this bird.

The sparrow is protected and loved by supreme God. Thus, the love of God will occur for us all. It is a living thing which has a soul. This I believe was Jesus way of saying God is here to love us. Additionally, in the middle east, it was recorded that they eat sparrows for cheap food, according to Matthew for five for two pennies. Jesus was referring to the “Passer Domesticus” which basically is the house sparrow translated. If we look at Sumerian Cuneiform writing the sparrow is a symbol for “beware of the enemy!” In another biblical connection to sparrows, Saint Dominic said that a sparrow that flew into his lecture was the incarnation of the devil! He then caught the sparrow and plucked the feathers! Yes, I bet that was rather worrying! Now, we touched on the “sex” connection of the sparrow earlier in this article but interestingly in the 16th century a clergyman in Germany banned a sparrow from entering a church due to the sparrow causing sexual promiscuity to his congregation! We know that sparrows have sex - in fact, a lot of sex! They do however choose one partner for life. Even so, they do multiply quickly, but, unfortunately, the house sparrow is in decline, so an environmentalist declared March 20th World Sparrow Day to try to save the poor sparrow.

As I conclude this wonderful article, when you next see a sparrow swiftly flying through the air remember that even though it is a small bird it is a master which is reminding us that we need to think more about our life away from the material side of things. Here is my final question to you! Is it not more interesting having lunch with a set of friends or family than going out and buying the dress alone? These are the kind of questions you must ask yourself if a sparrow appears in your life in any shape way or form! Thank you for reading, if you see any mistakes please get in touch click here - as I type in crazy speed so sometimes have the odd typo! And don’t forget to check your free tarot reading below. Also, don’t be shy and contact me on my email page if you want help with something you have seen spiritually! Blessings and glad you visited my site.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2013