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It is small but terrible - a perfect description to the tiny sparrow and truly its size can be deceiving for no matter how small it is, it too hold power that is greater than anyone who has “big guns” have.

It is difficult to the eye, it is fast, it has used all its advantages to the fullest against bigger birds and bigger creatures.


It is definitely telling us that it does not matter if you are small, use it to your advantage and you may discover something far more superior that just brute force.

One of the advantages that it talks about is how closely knit they can be, they may be small but they travel, hunt, and do all sorts of stuff in packs and it could get intimidating especially for an outsider; they know that they can make up the strength they do not possess with the numbers that they have. Just imagine eyes looking at you as you startle them from their wake and with their blinding speed you might not be able to catch them all once and avoid their pecks hitting you anywhere they desire - it is frustrating.


The sparrow is very vigilant and protective of its goals and works hard to get them. They are always busy wandering off looking for food, protective of its young - never wasting one moment, even a single second idling by. It always seems to be looking for ways to be productive and does them fast. It reminds us that we can only have so much time that we forget how fast it flies.

A master of adaptation, it teaches us the life is something that should be tackled creatively and never is too serious about it - always think outside the box. For example, when a rock blocks your way, most of the time we go through it or go over it, but this time, think about how the water goes about it, it flows around it, doing less casualty, consuming less time, and having less effort. Life should not always be too serious, take time to assess the situation and solution will come to you.

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In our dreams, when the sparrow shows itself to us, it might be a sign that we are carrying too much burden, shake some of it off - share it if you can because no matter who we are we can never be a superman, even superman has help with difficult opponents. Keep your heart light and your spirit clear for it is not healthy to carry too much burden. Remember that it is always good to share, not too much though, you might be seen as someone abusive of others kindness.

There many other things that the sparrow has been associated to - joy, inclusion, simplicity, community, friendliness - but no matter what it is you try to connote the sparrow to, always remember this that even the small can be powerful when it does everything to their strengths.



Sparrow shows up as a spirit guide when...



  • You have some desire.
  • You need to be fertile.
  • You need to manifest new love in your life.
  • You need to understand the aspect of race.
  • You should be able to use the power of a song.



Call on Sparrow as a spirit guide when...


  • You need to manifest your love to others.
  • You need to understand those from other races.
  • You need to understand the aspects of colour.
  • You should be able to use the power of a song.
  • You need to fulfil your desires.


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