Solomon Demons

Solomon Demons

The lesser key of Solomon is a famous witch’s book or grimoire which details the appearance as well as the specific attributes of 72 spirits of the nether regions, or demons, which were evoked by King Solomon.

Solomon was a king during the reign of David according to the First Book of Kings.

Within the Bible, Solomon is referenced in a story between two fighting women who both claimed to be the mother of a newborn infant. Solomon suggests cutting the living child in half with a sword and the real mother reveals herself by being willing to give the baby up rather than see the baby killed. Solomon is the lord of the law in this instance and seeing that she was a compassionate person, and the obvious rightful mother, gave the baby to her. Solomon was a wise and a good king, constantly searching for more wisdom through learning the different cultures of the world. He desperately wanted to find an understanding in all things magical and spiritual. In his pursuit of this wisdom he was rewarded great riches not just in the earthly realm but in the spiritual plain as well where he was known to communicate with angels. He became blessed with the ability to have control over beasts as well as demons, spirits and other animals. He had so much power over the demons that they would bring him precious stones as an offering as well as water to irrigate his many exotic plants. Solomon was known to have 700 wives and 300 concubines who waited on him hand and foot throughout his life.

The Seal of Solomon is a magical ring which was given to Solomon by the angels which gave him the control over the demons. One particular tale tells of Solomon traveling on one of his standard magical journeys in which he discovers a huge palace which does not have an entrance. He commands the demons to find the entrance for him and after a series of encounters with birds thousands of years old is able to find the entrance and take up residence. What King Solomon wanted, King Solomon received.

The Lesser Key of Solomon described exactly how he conjured and controlled these demonic forces as well as how to force them to do the bidding of the magician. This book is highly sought after in magical communities because the potential ability to control a demon gives the magician great power. This book, which was supposedly buried in gold at the bottom of a lake was discovered by the Babylonians and was treated as a great treasure for this very reason. The influence of King Solomon’s work is widespread now, and has been published in multiple forms throughout the world because each demon is listed by name and now to invoke them. The invocations themselves were pretty wild and crazy as well as fantastical but they have been to this day something that the magical community holds a deep respect for. Aleister Crowley expanded up Solomon’s work by doing his own work with Demons. The rituals within the lesser key of Solomon were very complex rituals and have therefore actually proven to alienate some of the modern magicians who consider the grimoire to be more historical then serious.

Whether you believe in powers of Solomon or not, one thing is true, the human mind is capable of a great many things and given the right practice and understanding of the mind, there really is no limit to what it can do. Angels and demons or the Gods of Nature are all hidden deeply within the human unconscious, and anyone who takes the time and effort to waken these unconscious creatures will be able to wield great magickal powers. There are many ways to get in touch with these kinds of deities; some prefer astral projection, or even autosuggestion as well as self-hypnosis. The goal is to get your everyday mind to tune out while your higher self or your connected spirit can take over and help you to open the door way to communicate and work with these spirits.

The Greater Key of Solomon focuses specifically on the planets in which he listed out the days and the hours one would work to accomplish different desires and goals using the help of the planetary energies such as they are. This has been extremely valuable in today’s astrological and planetary magic and has influenced millions throughout the ages. Should you decide to work with the planets in this fashion, below is a list based on the Greater Key of Solomon so that you might be able to identify which planet you need to work on right now. Then you would just locate the day of the week that is symbolic of said planet and work magic then.

Planetary Instructions from the Greater Key of Solomon:

In the days and hours of Saturn: One could perform experiments which would cause good or ill success to business, possessions, encourage the growth of seeds in your field as well as fruits and  the ability to learn about destruction and death, as well as how to sow hatred and discord.

The days and hours of Jupiter: This is a great time to obtain honors and riches as well as acquiring new friendships, becoming healthier receiving your hearts’ desires.

In the days and hours of Mars: One would pursue experiments regarding war, military honor, courage and to overthrow ones enemies as well as to cause ruin, slaughter, cruelty or discord to those that would seek to harm you up until the point of wounding or even causing death.

The days and hours of the Sun: Used for perfecting experiments regarding wealth, hope, fortune divination as well as to dissolve hostile feelings and to make friends.

The days and hours of Venus: Presents energies which are good for making friends, kindness and love as well as for joyous or pleasant undertakings and for travelling.

The Days and Hours of Mercury: Helpful to practice communication as well as eloquence in intellect, speedy business endeavors, science and divination and matters of the future. If there is theft in your life or some form of deceit you may also call upon Mercury to help you with swift justice.

The days and hours of the Moon: Good for travel, messages, navigation, love, and the acquisition of merchandise via water.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012