The snipe is an unusual bird that lives on invertebrate creatures.

To have this bird appear as one’s animal totem indicates there are many questions that require answers in one’s life.

Their long bills act like a sewing machine and dig in the mud to search for food. You might wonder how these creatures can identify food with their beaks. The Snipe’s bill consists of many filaments running through the tip, making it the most sensitive organ of the bird. In England, there is a classic practical joke about the Snipe hunt. Innocent campers are being told of a way to catch the snipe like making a very silly noise or racing won’t reveal itself to you unless you go around the woods. Since you won’t normally find a Snipe no hunters succeed in catching one. No matter how silly they act. To see the animal totem of a snipe is a reminder to us to search for an answer, there are a lot of questions lingering in one’s mind, don’t let them be unanswered, search for the solution.

What the snipe means to your life?

The answer won’t reveal itself to you unless you are seeking it.& In life, at times there are only certain people who can answer questions, do not hesitate to ask them, especially if you know that this will challenge you as a person. But it won’t guarantee that you’ll like the answer. Like the snipe who must first dig into the mud to search for food, you must also find the answer behind secrets. Hold on tight, the truth might be overwhelming for you to handle but once you are able to comprehend it, you’ll grow into a better person.& Remember these things need to be told, do not evade them.

Those that choose the Snipe as their animal totem means that they enjoy being alone, they usually spend time in their home, relaxing, watching a movie or nourishing their wisdom. They have reduced social skills. Some people will find this strange, but they don’t care much about it, as long as they are happy with it, they will continue doing what they want in life.

The snipe is also commendable with their speed and their adaptation ability. Snipes can use their agility to flee from looming danger and use their camouflage ability to escape a predator, a reminder that we also need to use our ability to stay away from danger. Preventing ourselves from getting into a commotion is better than waiting for us to be trapped in a disturbance.

The snipe is also a sign to be vocal about one’s feelings. It is important to be expressive. Be articulate on what you want to say. Those that choose snipes as their animal totem are hardworking people; they are willing to do everything to get the job done. Furthermore, they do not like asking for help, they think they are able to do things their own way. They feel that asking others to help will create a chaotic nature, its best to leave them that way and let them shine on their own.

Snipe shows as a spirit guide when

  • We are in need of answers.
  • We need to socialize.
  • We& notice an imminent danger.
  • We need to express our feelings.
  • We want to get a job done.

Call on snipe as a spirit guide when

  • There are questions lingering in our mind.
  • We are having a problematic social life.
  • We want to escape or prevent a danger from harming us.
  • We need to be articulate with our feelings.
  • We need to finish something.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013