In various cultures the snake symbolism revolves around the origins of life and brings into focus differences in the abilities of both the male and the female genders.

Duality is also very much evidenced in snake symbolism being that snakes merge both symbols associated with sun and the moon and attributes cutting across water symbols and fire symbols.

From this two sided viewpoint we clearly see a quest to find balance in snake symbolism.

Some Indian tribes of Native America viewed the snake as a masculine totem relating it to the lightning phallus considered to have great power medicinally. Other tribes attributed femininity to the snake and as such associated it with symbols of creation and the moon. Despite the difference in genders the symbol of the snake was held in high esteem and used in ritual to bring about the sign of a particular achievement and its great influence.

Among ancient Celts, snake symbolism was viewed from the point of the behavioral characteristics and the lifecycle of the snake. It was a sign of transformation and hidden knowledge. The shedding of skin by the snake was a great sign of rebirth which shows renewal and was the basis for the symbolism of transformation. They mainly observed the adder because it’s one of the few snakes that could withstand the cold climate in ancient Celtic.

The snake symbolism connecting it to the dark is as result of the snake going into hiding in the dark during colder months and only returns with the return of the sun. Other interpreted this as the ability of the snake to be in sync with the forces of Mother Nature.

The snake also signifies symbols of water like love, sentimentality and motion in myths in the eastern Indian region and they are seen in the feminine aspect revealing nurturing, motherly and benevolent qualities. In eastern India tradition there are some practices that help to attain harmony and balance in both the spiritual and physical worlds. This technique involves peacefully getting into individual places of balance relative to the balance of the universe.

There are also tattoo bearing snake symbols and this are interpreted depending on the culture of those having the tattoo. Symbols represented with intertwined snakes show balance, togetherness and renewal. Twinned snakes are common in most cultures and they are a metaphor for: connectivity in the animal world, integrating polarity, evolved communication and spiritual connections.

The symbolism of snake is also manifest in science when we consider DNA formation and the way it forms a double helix shaped like a snake shows the connection of DNA which forms the roots of information in life with things that occur naturally in the world.

The snake poses various symbolic meanings including; Cycles, Rebirth, Patience, Fertility, Eternity, Balance, Cunning, Intuition, Awareness, Healing, Intellect, Protection, Solemnity and Rejuvenation. Those who are connected to the snake totem through their symbolism manifest the following attributes: proficient speakers and writers have inner intuition and are carefully impulsive.

Snake shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to explore a mysterious life.
  • You need a psychic energy.
  • You need protection.
  • You need some transformation.
  • You need to renew yourself.

Call on snake as a spirit guide when

  • You need to transform yourself.
  • You need power.
  • You need to be protected from religious persecution.
  • You need energy.
  • You are shrewd in your actions.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013