Snails represent great patience in life and those that have the totem animal as the snail are creatures of habit that can be frail emotionally.

They are usually patient people that are okay with taking things as they come but can be difficult to deal with as they are easily distracted emotionally.

To see the image of a snail either for real or just a thought that comes through your mind, give your immediate attention. This creature seems like the irony of the present world we are in now. With all the fast tracked changes in the world, here is the snail that reminds us in the concept of the word “slow”.

In animal kingdom, a snail is known to be small and a seemingly quiet creature for it does not make any sound as it moves. Yet it has the aspect of destructiveness as it unexpectedly munches and destroys plants. The snail can also be associated with disgust as many people are grossed out by snails due to their slimy natures. The snail often comes when a person’s life is stagnating and more motion or change is needed.

Everything in this world is instant and fast moving. Snail reminds us the concept of slowing down and patience.  A goal is there and for some reason, accomplishing the task is not yet achieved. But take the lesson of the snail, learn to be patient and you will get there.

When you see the snail you need to think of their subtle traits. You have to pay attention to the message of this animal if it appears. It can easily be pushed aside because of its gentleness. It could be visiting you and trying to get your attention, it will require skill to really listen to the advice of the snail. Know how you are taking things in your life. Know if you are being gentle with yourself whenever unexpected things happen in your life.

The snail is a fragile creature. It can also be an annoyance. Snails will eat away at plants and because of this they are often considered to be nuisances. They will often come as spirit guides to people that are not doing the best that they can. They will often be considered annoying by other people and because of this they will be avoided. Snail people are considered unsavory at times. For no real known reason, people will avoid them. They often will feel left out. This is something that is a trait that needs to be worked on, rather than cultivated. When people are feeling this way and the snail comes to you as a totem, it is often a sign that you need to be more inviting.

Snail shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Your life is stagnant or unmoving.
  • You are not being keen to destructive forces in your life.
  • You are ignoring the obvious.
  • You are being too caught up in a fast moving life but not focusing on important details.
  • Your work is sloppy and you are leaving a mess for others to clean up.
  • You are emotionally frail.
  • A wakeup call is needed in life.

Call on a Snail as a spirit guide when

  • You need to slow down but are unsure how.
  • You need patience.
  • There is a fear of failure.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013