Silver Gull

Silver Gull

Silver gull’s are also known as seagull.

This is a kind of gull found in mainly in Australia although it can also be found throughout the continent.

They inhabit urban places where they have easily accessible food that they steal from. They mainly frequent dump sites, cities, shopping canters and market places. Such environment’s are conducive to them since they are rather aggressive. They are a threat to the ecosystem because of their behavior of stealing offspring and eggs of other birds.

They are known to be omnivorous and scavengers although they can eat anything. They never get full and will always appear hungry even after eating so much. This is because they are aggressive and always want to have more. Their breeding system is only twice a year.

There are a number of symbolic challenges and lessons we can learn from this creature. These challenges and lessons apply to all kinds of silver gull, not just the ones found in Australia.

The seagull teaches us the dangers of negative aggression that deprives us of our power and strength. It deprives us of our dignity and respect we earn from others.

It makes us understand how we can become a nuisance to those around us. This is through resources, taking food or money from others without giving it back. If one scavenge just as seagull, they will end up causing conflicts. You should therefore try as much as possible to avoid conflict in life if a Sea Gull is your totem animal.

This totem animal also implies opportunistic traits. This is when we tend to find opportunities to satisfy our ambitious goals without regarding others around us. We look for resources just to gain power. We should therefore understand that power is gained through virtuous interpersonal relationships with others.

Calling on this animal totem also teaches us that we should not be guilty about our past opportunistic actions but rather use them to be more powerful by feeling positive about our achievements. We should not have a sequence of guilt that can harm us but we need to let go and forgive ourselves.

We learn that when we can relax and stop being a burden, those around us will also feel better about us and they will appreciate us.

The Silver Gull that shows as one’s totem is a message to stop blaming ourselves because guilt is destructive to one’s emotional being. It makes us quite unproductive and unreliable in solving problems. We end up hurting other people as well as ourselves. We should therefore stop these traits.

We also learn that sometimes we may become guilty because of situations that are out of our control. For instance, you may feel guilty for hurting someone when in real sense you have not really hurt the person. We may feel guilty for taking so much from others when it is our right to earn. We should therefore remain logical in every situation.

Silver gull’s do not like socializing. This teaches us that some people do not like socializing with others. They only need to change when necessary and when they feel it is important. Such people however are entrepreneurial and they are easy to work with when it comes to business.

Silver gull shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You feel aggressiveness.
  • You feel hungry.
  • You are opportunistic.
  • You are unfriendly.
  • You feel guilty.

Call on Silver gull as a spirit guide when

  • You want to blame yourself from being opportunistic.
  • You are unable to forgive yourself.
  • You feel guilty.
  • You’ve become a nuisance to others.
  • You need to relax.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013