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Sigils for Protection

Sigils are used for protection for various reasons and can range significantly from simple to complicated.

Sigils are used to protect vehicles and keep the cars and the passengers safe while traveling in general or traveling through particularly challenging terrain.


They can be used to protect the home, the hearth, a family member, a pet. They can be used to protect one from illness, or to protect against negative or evil spirits

When one considers creating a sigil for protection, it is very important to decide what it is that you want to get out of the sigil.


Meaning, what do you want to accomplish by creating the sigil? Where do you want to put it?

Creating a sigil for protection is very easy. Say for example you want to protect your car, you would consider what powerful words or phrases go along with protecting your car. Such as: “Power, strength, longevity,” or simply, “PROTECTION.”

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A phrase that you might choose could be something like, “Protect this car and all who travel within it! So mote it be!” Whatever your word or phrase it should evoke an image in the mind’s eye which makes it possible for you to envision and really feel that this word or phrase is the best and most succinct possible to create your protection sigil.

Then one must break down this word or phrase into a design, or an image which your mind can latch onto.


So if the word is, ‘Protection,’ you might consider designing something which combines each letter into one image. The ‘P’ could be the primary starter and then you could figure out a way to attach the R to the P using the lines of the P and so on.

Eventually, this art of creating your protection sigil becomes a meditation which is then charged with your desire for protection for your vehicle. Then all you would need to do is either draw the sigil on a piece of paper and put it in the car, or consider just covering your vehicle with this sigil in your mind’s eye.


Some people even choose to hang the sigils on the rear view mirror just so that they can have the visual connection to it every time they get into the car.

If you are trying to bless a person, or put a protective sigil on yourself or on a baby, for example, you would just design said sigil with the intention of protection and then ask either kind permission to anoint the baby or adult with oil in the design of this sigil and they shall be protected.


Whatever your choice, a sigil for protection is one of the most common uses and is extremely valuable and useful for anyone to learn.

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