Sigils for the Home

Sigils for the Home

Sigils for the home come in many different forms because the home can mean so many different things to different people.

What this means is that sometimes a home represents the place where you live, but it can also represent a feeling that you desire to have, or a sense of security and comfort.

It could be a dream home, with an 8 car garage, or it can be a home which you hope to have children in with your partner in the suburbs of a beautiful neighborhood.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to use sigils for the home because it can break down very complicated or abstract ideas into something simple which the mind can latch onto, taking various assortments of desires and compacting them into something easily digestible for the mind and spirit.

In magic, this simplicity is something which must consistently be fostered, because the Universe provides what we see, and sometimes what we desire can be riddled with fear or worry, so, when we break these desires down into a simple form, or simple image, it makes it possible for our mind to see only that which we desire instead of that which we are worried we might not ever be able to have.

In matters of the home, it can be very easy to slip into concerns about money or being able to afford that multimillion dollar mansion, which is why one must look at creating a sigil as an exercise in making your home what you want it to be. If, for example, you find that your home is a very tense place.

Your family is always arguing, your children are misbehaving, it is always a mess and you are always stressed frustrated, creating a sigil for a happy home if this is something you want, might be an excellent way to fix things.

In this, it would be wise to consider what you would like your home life to look like. Would you like it to be neat? Tidy? Spotless? Would you like your children to get along, to do their homework, to mind you and pay attention to the rules? What about your spouse, what would it look like if you were communicating with each other in a loving way? 

Consider these multiple desires for your happy home, and decide what phrases, or words, accurately depict these various elements. At first, you might find that it is hard to describe in anything less than a short story, but part of the magic of creating a sigil is breaking the problem down more and more until it is so simple that you really easily CAN feel the power in the image you are creating. Make it a page, then a paragraph. Then fine-tune these words or images into phrases or pictures only.

The combine these elements into one word or picture. Soon you will find that all of your heart’s desires for you happy home are all together in one place. You can then charge your home with this sigil, in all of the walls, windows and doors. In no time, you will find that you have changed the direction you used to be moving, and things will improve exponentially.

By Florance Saul
Nov 24, 2012