Sheep are usually small farm animals with a hair called wool.

It actually depends on their breed whether these creatures will have a horn or not.

Domestic sheep varies in color while wild sheep can possess a brown color and sometime even spotted. However recent studies shows that a cross breeding can also cause the domestic sheep to acquire brown shades.

Sheep also varies on their height and weight. Ewes can weigh from 45 kg to 100 kilograms while ram is a bit heavier and weighs at around 45-160 kg. Sheep have immaculate hearing and excellent vision. Sheep can see at approximately 320 degree without turning their heads.

But their wool's that protect them from temperature also serve as a hindrance to their peripheral vision. Its sense of smell cannot be denied, sheep possess glands in front of their eyes and on their feet.

Sheep has undeniably invaded the cultures of many countries. Sheep is also a slang term on the English language if you want to tell someone that they are timid. Ironically male sheep is an emblem use by St. Louis Rams to depict power.

Sheep are also a key character on some of the world’s most famous fables and nursery rhymes. It is also a well known tradition to count sheep in order to aid those who find it hard to fell asleep.

In ancient Egypt, the skulls of ram are used as a symbolism in ritual practices, since ram is associated with several Ancient Egyptian Gods like Amun and Heryshaf. Sheep is also connected with Babylonian Gods name Ea-Oannes.

In the land of Madagascar, it is forbidden to eat a sheep since they believe that a sheep is the reincarnation of their ancestors. Ancient Greek mythology also tells about the golden fleeced era, which is quite popular up to this day.

Aries is the first sign of the Greek zodiac sign and the sheep is also a part of the Chinese zodiac sign. Mongolians also use their bones to carve a dice that is use in fortune telling process. Sheep is also connected with Brigit, a Celtic God and a spring festival which means ewe’s milk.

Sheep also plays a significant role in Christianity and the Islamic prophet Muhammad. A sheep was use as a replacement sacrifice for Isaac. Sheep is also a familiar sacrifice during a major festival on Islam. The Romans also practice the same tradition and Judaism also did it as a Korban.

Christ is often called as a good shepherd, furthermore most Christian saint are given the term patrons of shepherd.

The sheep is teaching us how to sacrifice and show our gratitude to the one who raised us. It is also a sign that we should all be thankful of the things that we have now and be contented. Sometimes we are exerting too much effort on attaining the things that we do not have, thus neglecting on the things that we presently have.

Sheep shows as an animal spirit when

  • You want a peaceful life.
  • You want to be noble in spite of a victory.
  • You are ready to sacrifice everything in order to protect your family.
  • You want to find the simple joys of life.
  • You possess all the things you need but fails to appreciate them.

Call on sheep as an animal spirit when

  • Someone is threatening your peace and security.
  • You want to be upright.
  • You need to let go of something in order to gain.
  • Yu are longing for a simple life.
  • You want to value the things you have now.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013