The animal totem of a shark is rather rare to appear in one’s meditation. It is connected to surviving in life.

If you find this sea creature swimming in your thoughts it is associated with one’s self-confidence. If the shark is swimming in the sea it means that this animal totem will challenge your thoughts. The shark symbol stands for energy, cold expression and great authority over what one is doing.The shark is a master of survival. The shark symbol means you are great at understanding situations. It also means that one can manipulate people and events in life.

The shark symbol in your thoughts means you have a basic instinct for survival on which you can rely. It is infallible and because of this animal totem you can always rely on the spirit of the shark to protect you from any danger.The instinctive energy and basic knowledge used for survival by the shark is a positive trait that one can use in meditation. The shark does not wait, but seizes an opportunity whenever the opportunity presents itself. The shark symbol appearing in your thoughts tells you to do the same. A shark cannot keep still as it does not have the means to keep afloat if it remains still in the water It sinks to the bottom. Therefore, this can be a metaphor, you must always keep swimming against any problems in life. The shark is in perpetual motion which helps it to survive. The symbolism reminds you to constantly be in motion so that you do not get stuck with one situation.

The shark symbol appearing in your thoughts signifies that you are constantly in motion, moving full speed ahead in the waters of life and experiencing great and exuberant adventures. Sharks are devoid of the fear of death and are always on the lookout to change their surroundings. The symbol urges you to always be in the transitional or renewal mode. The shark has not changed much through the ages as it is a superb animal which needs to change. It is very assertive and biologically superior compared to all other animals. The only way the shark can move is forward. The shark has a cold look in its eyes that gives you the shivers. People always keep a safe distance from them and their behavioral traits are shrouded in mystery.

To see sharks in your thoughts means that you will want to keep yourselves away from others. In difficult situations, you possess steel blue and cold eyes and show complete control over matters - which will make one a good leader, business person or a great visionary. Unlike the emotional and dreamy waters of the oceans where the shark lives, the shark, and its symbol stand for a lack of emotions. The symbolism of a shark in your thoughts reminds you not to get devoured by the emotional content of whatever is happening around you, but push forward for the better. This eternal wisdom portrayed by the shark symbol is the best gift to mankind.

Some of the meanings of a shark totem are

  • Be energetic and full of activity.
  • Always take heed of your natural instincts.
  • Go forward through the evolutionary process.
  • Do not get overwhelmed by surrounding emotions, but control them.
  • Show efficiency and direction in your moves and follow the path which resists you the least.
  • Be elegant and be full of pin-point objectivity.
  • Avoid contradictions at all costs.

The shark totem can appear in your thoughts when

  • You are feeling a lack of confidence.
  • You are doubting your survival.
  • You are not able to think clearly.
  • You feel a lack of opportunities.
  • You are getting bogged down by inactivity.

You can call the shark totem to help you to

  • Bring back the confidence to tackle all situations.
  • Think of all the ways which you can adopt to survive all kinds of situations.
  • You want to be coldly calculative.
  • Always move ahead without the tendency to look back.
  • Keep a safe distance from others and observe them closely.

The characteristics that are associated with the shark animal totem are

  • Highly calculative.
  • High perception.
  • Basic principles.
  • Exceptional instincts.
  • Present though ages.
  • Power of knowledge.
  • Immense power.
  • Absolutely focused.
  • Shrouded in Mystery.
  • Constantly mobile.
  • Full of dynamism.
  • Sharp sight.
  • Full of curiosity.
  • Accurate and Objective.
  • Superb innovation.
  • Above all the rest.
  • High efficiency.
  • Suitably equipped.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013