Shamanism is a blanket term used to describe a wide range of beliefs in which the participants thereof communicate with the spirit and supernatural world.

They are the practitioners of the old ways, often seen as natural medicine healers as well as wise men from various ancient times and villages.

A shaman is someone who has access to both positive magic (that which heals) and negative magic (that which destroys) and who holds the two in balance. Shamans are known to work within trancelike states that are induced by deep forms of meditation.

The theory behind Shamanism is that by entering this realm via intense journey work through meditation they are capable of helping the patient or person they are working with communicate with their mental teachers and guides to determine what ails a person and what blockages (physical, mental or magical) are hindering their progress as well as healing or mending any illness that may be present in the body.

Shamanic miracles are known to alleviate body sores, tumors and cancers that were unable to be healed by modern medicine. Shamans utilize the power of the mind to produce massive effects on the body and the soul of the needy.

They take on the honored responsibility of creating a level of balance between the worlds and within the body. They have also been known to enter the supernatural world in order to find solutions for problems within the community. The members in their communities come to them for help with matters of fertility or arguments within the family, crop or animal death as well as advice on where to build and where to travel. They are the counselors and elders of their villages.

Shamans are spiritual leaders in their community who are often ordained by dreams or signs from God which require training to decipher. In some cultures these shamans can be ordained by inheritance as well.

The most valuable efforts made by Shamans are known in the process of Shamanic Journey work.

This is a meditative tool in which practitioners go to a shaman, are walked through a deep meditation, usually with the visualization of some kind of natural environment. Within the meditation, the practitioners are deep in trance while the Shaman guards and protects the individual from negative spirits while they are β€˜open’ to receive messages from their guides. This has been known to be extremely therapeutic in matters of self-healing from past trauma.

Your guides and mental teachers are always available to you for advice and wisdom, but many times we are so caught up in the busy-ness of life that we have no idea how to maintain a healthy level of meditation with which to communicate with them.

Seeing a Shaman can help open up those channels for you so that you might be able to build a relationship of open communication with them which will greatly benefit you in your future. Shamans create the healthy and safe environment for you to complete your working.

They help you break the chains that bind and keep you stagnant in your life. If you are seeking assistance from a Shaman do not expect the work to be superficial. Shamans work deeply within us using the energies that balance the universe to stitch up our internal wounds thus giving us a brand new start.

Shamans of all cultures deserve respect for their deep and integral knowledge of the Universe and its workings.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012