Sex magick

Sex Magic

Let’s start with the basics: sex magick works and here is also a Warning!

The first thing about sex magick is that it is not about sex. That sounds strange but these practices are not going to make you a porn lover, or give you the secret of trying to be god’s gift to men or women. Sex magic, trantic sexuality and other forms of sex is all about getting things in life that you want. Boy, these things work as well.

As outlined before: the warning is: SEX MAGICK WORKS. It can move things along, help you get what you want, even become rich!

So you want to find out more about sex magick?

Firstly, in when having sex an enormous amount of “energy” surrounds the human being. This energy can be released through orgasm and allows for magical tools to be charged or directed to help one’s magic spells. Sex Magick is not about making yourself a better lover, giving you many positions on how to orgasm better. Sex Magick is all about using one’s body.

To release the power from within. Sexual energy can be used for many positive attributes. It is not an instant miracle but a tool both to aide and improve your life.  It is not for the fainthearted -it requires discipline and practice.  Sex magick is the art of working with the forces of Nature to bring about necessary, and desired, changes.  Magick is simply: energy and power of life.  It is also about becoming more spiritual, i.e. being in tune with your own deepest goals and desires.  It can make you into a money magnet, which we will learn about later.

What you should know about sex magick:

  • Sexual fluids: semen, vaginal or menstrual blood is a source of life in magick.
  • Sex magick can be carried out through masturbation.
  • People can have sex with demon's.
  • Sexual juices can be used in love or sex spells.
  • Sex magick is all about the energy of the human body and how this energy is passed through the head and that one's genitals are the "altar" in magick.

There is a fundamental difference in sex and love magick:

Sex magick has ruined many relationships because one or more of the people involved cannot separate love from sexual activity.  Thus, it is distinct from love magick.  It is not meant for coercing or forcing sex from a person.

It is something that is quite ancient in occult practices.  Sex magick is also a powerful system of magick that can add another powerful tool to your magickal armory. The “sex” is a tool to get what one wants. Without any more stated than that, we might jump into a detailed explanation from the ideas and techniques of sex magick and also emerge with an overview of how this can help in your magick journey. Nonetheless, I've decided to briefly investigate a brief history of sex magick. Some website visitors will discover this topic highly questionable because it doesn't stick to the regarded good reputation for sex magick.

What is Sex Magick?

Sex magick is a valid form of magical practice.  It is also a powerful system of magick that can add another powerful tool to your magickal armory.  It is the art of using the orgasm, the whole sexual experience — for magickal purposes.  It is not about getting better sex but using the ancient energy. The magick is extremely powerful and is creative.  It is not for everyone, it is neither white nor black magic inherently and can be used for a variety of goals.  Sex magick is a taboo subject and hidden in many magical writings

Sex magick can also be very useful as an adjunct to such things as divination and astral projection.  It is the ultimate one with regards to developing durability and enthusiasm in one.

What is Tantra in comparison with Sex Magick?

Tantra is a word derived from Indian mythical and spiritual powers.Tantra is a  yana means “vehicle” in Sanskrit.  Tantra is similar to sex magic as it works on the basis of creating energy in the body that is used for sexual energy. The main difference between Tantra and Sex Magick is that Tantra is a form of religion in Sanskrit circles. The power of “Sex” is stored in the body for spiritual magical, power.

Tantra is quite an abstract religion, and does not have a clear definition.  It is a spiritual, sexual science that is not static in its definition.  Tantra is the science of unravelling the mystery posed by the phenomenon of love and relationships on earth.

Tantra is the beautiful weaving together of all aspects of existence into one whole tapestry of “Pure Love.”  It is the weaving of spirit and sex.  It is not, as it commonly labelled in the West, as being solely about sex.  It is used, in the West, as a general term which relates to sexual practice as a spiritual evolutionary practice.  Tantra is basically a philosophy of spiritual practice, and does not have a negative connotation.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that originates from heaven.  It is an ancient practice of combining sexual energy and prayer.  It is an esoteric practice of antiquity.  It is all about understanding yourself and another, this covers healing, completing, harmony and freedom.  Tantra is an old healing technique which was formed many centuries ago.

We can assume that tantric is a celebration of the physical dimension, completely life-affirming.  It is the key to a life of fulfilment and prosperity.  It is  about feeling connected to and awed by the spiritual essence of the universe.  It is emerging, and one can experience a re-birth when having “sex” with another using Tantra techniques. Tantra is part of the Agamic literature, that developed parallel to the Smarta literature.

Tantra can be part of Sex Magick but as outlined is much more to do with connecting two lovers.  It can be embraced in whole or in part.  It is the letting go of all mental, emotional and cultural conditioning that we can suffer that may get in the way of life. 

Sex magick can also be very useful as an adjunct to such things as divination and astral projection.  It is the ultimate one with regards to developing durability and enthusiasm in

Where does sex magick come from? The Order of the Temples

For people of you that don't know this, the story of sex magick starts with the Knights in battle Templar. This is the Western origin of sex magick. In 1118 C.E it was the Templars' objective to ensure that the pilgrims in the Middle East were guarded. The storyline from the Templars is extremely interesting when it comes to sex magick, they were said to have learned the sex magick from the ancient Indians. The secret information on Sex Magick was said to be passed to the Freemasons, then finally the Rosicrucians from the Templars.

The order of the temple of Jerusalem was really a protective group, the ensured that the pilgrims were protected in their travels. It is thought that money and riches came from both alchemy and “attraction” magic. There was also some reports that the Templars found treasure from King Solomon. In total members included around 30,000. Aparently the Frence king of France at the time, King Philip, was annoyed at the rate of wealth of the Templars, thus, he accused them of being evil. Worshipping Saturn and the most important accusation: carrying out evil sex acts. 

He reported to Pope Clement that the Templers were carrying out sex magick and therefore many Templers were burned or tourched. Not a great start to the definition to Sex magick, but this was the story. The king also accused them to be involved with Sufism. So what is Sufism? The word has no meaning in Western languages. It is Arabic in origin. It is thought that this is the inner spiritual path of Islam. It includes someone’s path in life, thoughts, ideas and perceptions of life. Those that follow Sufism are on a path to the road of god. This journey is the path of knowledge. There is a belief that one can be close to god when dead but also in the Earth’s plane. Thus, it is the attainment of knowledge and to gain a special relationship with god on this earth.

Alistair Crowley and Sex Magick

Eventually, the famous Alistair Crowley recorded sex magick work in his trips to the far east – he added his own sex magick experiments to create. He believed that sex was the most powerful force on earth. In fact he made use of many sex acts, including masturbation and also homosexuality. He reviewed many teachings in Hindu and analysed the areas of Tantra. Crowley is not alone in the belief that different cultures give different names to the same deities.  It was a  connoisseur of sex  and he loved sexual encounters with both men and women.

Orgasm in sex magick

Orgasm can be used to charge sigils.  It is also an excellent way to induce relaxation before meditation. When one orgasm’s it is an important time to ensure that one has the intent of the main goal. Make sure you see pink orgasmic light coming from your body up to the heavens. Making sure that you both orgasm together is ultra powerful. The question is: what does the orgasm mean in sex magick and how can it be used successfully?

Orgasm through masturbation:

There are various elements of sex magick that makes use of the masturbation capabilities as well as intercourse. Anyone can make this happen by your self. Yet another magician can help you by stimulating yourself sexually with the direction of magical vitality, is using in which first, or even primary, Aleister Crowley. From his books identifies a method known as tract titled Eroto-Comatose Lucidity. This involves one particular magician would be intimately stimulated by a few assistants. T was believed that the assistants needed to be of the same sex to go into the “next level” of magick. The sexual stimulation will not be to orgasm but to stimulate and the person will be asleep and also in the state of “flux” between worlds. The main focus will be on the single magician, The rite in the tract describes that the aides need to not only arouse sexually but to make sure that the magician is exhausted. Orgasm must also be avoided according to Crowley. The magician will go to sleep in the end. This is the time that the trance will begin. This whole rite was known as the sleep of Sialam. Crowley was thought not to have created this ritual but a female did so, the name of this is unknown. So what can we learn from this rite in magick today?

A simple sex magick spell to achieve success in life:

Before beginning the spell, the magician should think about the objectives of his work with the mind to achieve magick. The magician makes the decision to assume full accountability for the actions and output of the magic. The first step is to carry out a ceremonial bath to remove bad energy. Then the following should be employed. In this spell every chosen techniques involves self-stimulation.

Because the ritualist gets closer orgasm, he / she concentrates on the predetermined goal in life. At the point of orgasm, the particular magician produces the magical energy, led by stress of may, toward preferred result. When the magician is applying a genuine device like a talisman, she or he would use sexual fluids to anoint the object. One exceptional way of this can be by using the beverages to redraw around the object virtually any symbols you might have placed there or wish to place right now there. Alternatively, you could possibly draw emblems in your body or drink wine beverages or alcohol. This is particularly effective when you wish to generate the outcomes of money.

Step one: Purify the object you have chosen to represent your desires (such as a talisman or a sigil) put this under running water by thinking that the object is clean. All bad energy is streaming away while using the pure water.

Step two: Develop just one single symbol to represent the desire which you want in to the talisman. If you want money you can physically draw this mark $ or dollars £ if in the UK. Whatever currency you wish to have. Put this around the talisman or perhaps visualize where you want it to be.

Step three: Clean the region you will use for that routine. For lighting effects use red-colored wax lights or, in the event you must use electric lighting, use red-colored lights or red-colored filter systems. It might be suitable to possess a hearth burning in case you have a fire position or, if you're doing your ritual outside, you can create a fire: please ensure fire safety! Don’t burn down woods!

Step four: cleanse yourself with a spiritual bath. This isn't in terms of simply cleansing grime as well as perspiration, yet to remove the sensation you are in regular, day-to-day circumstances. Stress also bodily grime and sweat. Put two white candles either side of the bath tub. When you get out walk backwards.

For those who have a charming robe, or special clothes, place them on now. Perform a divination developing a tool much like the tarot (since referred to previous) to discover what the results of your ritual is going to be. Then decide if you'll still wish to accomplish it, as a result accepting the obligation

for the actions.

Step five: Begin rousing yourself until you are switched on. This might incorporate visualizations and creativeness with techniques which usually have absolutely nothing related to the particular ritual and can include reading through or observing erotica or employing sexual gadgets.

Because you have formerly determined the actual symbol for your sex magic you need to concentrate on the vision of the sign. If you're a lady that has multiple sexual climaxes it can be beneficial to have more than one.

Step six: Right now of final orgasm/ejaculation, squeeze one’s entire focus on the sigil or talisman. Transmit one;s sexual fluids to draw the chosen symbol. E.g. if a dollar sign for money, then draw this.

Step seven: Unwind for a few mins. When you're re-energized, Although you need to use your personalized words, or perhaps what of the many grimoires, here's a very good example of

This banishing spell:

"I dismiss any spirits who are known through ritual Abandon now and find out your properties and habitations, injuring none. Let there be peacefulness between us and thee, and I thank you on your way. Let presently there be peacefulness between myself and thee, Currently declare this particular ritual appropriately closed."

By Flo Saul
May 28, 2013