Seven African Powers

Seven African Powers

The seven African powers are spirits of the dead, these spirits were bought together through tribes that were brought to Cuba. 

The tribes from where the seven powers derive are Congo, Mandika, Yoruba, Calabari, Takua, Kissi and Arara.​ 

These African tribes were forced into slavery.  The spirits are unique and work as a guide for people's entire life. Contrary to popular belief, the Seven Powers are not Orishas. The saint's represent the dead spirits derived from African tribes.  The Santeria religion was developed, and the same spirits are considered to be protectors of Heaven. 

Jesus Christ in the middle of the seven is the center piece. Just like the structure of a tribe, there is a spirit to guide them all at once for the desired purpose. The person must nourish the relationship with the leading spirit. The process of calling on the spirit guides is to light 7 candles, each with a different color - representing each saint. Vigil candles can also be used, but they have to be connected to each of the five saint's.

The seven saints are

  • Saint John the Baptist.
  • Virgin of Regla.
  • Saint John the Baptist.
  • Saint Martin of Porres.
  • Saint Joseph of Arimathea
  • Jesus Christ on the Cross.
  • Lady of Mercy.
  • Saint Barbara.
  • Lady of Charity of Cobre

Another way of calling upon the ancient spirits is to make a link from old cloth. All the pieces that are to be linked together must have different colors. Once tied, the cloth can be used by whirling over the head for good luck. This action calls the seven powers, and the whirling lets them know the person needs help with an aspect of his or her life.

Working with the seven powers will provide strength. The effects will be seen immediately.

By Florance Saul
Dec 24, 2012