Serval is a mid sized cat that measures at around 59-92 cm from head to their body, and stands at about 54-66 cm.

Females weigh approximately 7-12 kg and males around 9-18 kg.

Like most of the cat family, this creature has a slender yet strong body. Its head is relatively small compared to its body size. The legs made it look as one of the tallest cats.

The serval is an emblem of the Tomasi clan, one of the most popular family member Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa is the author of the most celebrated Italian novel of the 20th century, Il Gattopardo Operation Serval. This is a story about the operation of the French armed forces in the Mali conflict.

A serval is a sign of body language. One has to use his body in order to convey the meanings properly. A good example would be during conversation; a person could simply smirk or smile to show what he feels during that small talk. It is also a symbol for listening to things that cannot be seen, such as people’s intentions.

If you have this animal as your totem, people are also relying on you to break the ice. They were mainly seeking your help to destroy the wall that divide you. Serval people are loquacious but not brutally honest. They will consider what other people feel and try their best to be nice when talking to you. They have the abilities to speak what you want to hear, not in a way of being a hypocrite.

You also have the ability to see things into a different perspective. You want to understand things on others view. You are hoping you can create a harmonious relationship by putting yourself on their shoe.

This is a good trait but there is also a probability that you are thinking of others too much and neglecting your own feelings, sometimes it is better to find a balance between their opinion and yours. Try to settle it in a different way by finding a common ground.

It is also a sign that we should continuously seek for answer on our questions. Questions that are left unanswered make us incomplete and eventually will cause us damage.

Do not be afraid to search for these answers, there is a possibility that it will hurt you but these things are needed for us to become a better person. There are times that you can only find the answers within you.

Serval shows as an animal spirit when

  • You need to show disgusts without being blatantly honest.
  • You are hesitating to talk to someone.
  • You need to see others opinion on a different angle.
  • You are having qualms on asking someone with their opinion regarding you.
  • You want to understand everything.

Call on serval as an animal spirit when

  • You want to show how you feel but you cannot put it in words.
  • When you want to talk someone so badly but you can’t find the courage to do so.
  • You need to put yourself in someone else’s shoe.
  • When you want to know what others think of you despite of the fact that it can hurt you.
  • You want to find the answer to all the questions circling your life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013