Secretary Bird

Secretary Bird

The secretary bird has a striking resemblance to the body of an eagle and legs of a crane but its wings are rounded.

Secretary bird weighs about 2.3-4.5 kg and can grow to approximately 90-130 cm.

Its total wingspan measures at 191-220 cm. During its flight it has a noticeable likeness to a crane. These creatures are non migratory and are endemic to Africa. Secretary birds are often seen at the open fields and savannas.

This bird is highly regarded in Africa for their strong appearance and their ability when confronting snakes and vermin. According to African tradition, this animal should never be disturbed since it is the Devil’s Horse.

Moreover, this creature is the national logo of Sudan and is featured in the Presidential Flag of the said country. The Secretary bird crest is well prominent on the flag written on its widespread wings are the word “Victory is ours”. It seems that the government of Sudan really takes pride out of this bird considering that it is not even their national bird.

Secretary Bird stands for deep family bonds. It always feels attached to its family and no matter where they go time will come that they will return to their home. People who have this creature as their totem, are generally dependent on their family, they find it hard to detach themselves and start their own life, which can be negative in a way that they will find it hard to survive without the help of their family.

This creature wants to teach us to see both sides before concluding. Have a clear view of the situation and decide after hearing everything. There is a probability that you are caught in between a feud of two people who are dear to you, and they want you to take sides.

These are events that don’t allow you to be neutral, you must decide on something and take the consequences later on. If you are experiencing such difficulties, I advise you to summon the healing power of Secretary Bird, he’ll help you see things clearly and have a better decision that you will not regret. Secretary bird is a master of these events.

Secretary Bird is also a symbolism of pride. Take pride in everything you do as long as you are playing fair. Secretary bird has been a source of pride of some nationalities because of its grandiose appearance.

Secretary bird is teaching us that if we become proud in everything we do and everything we are, then we can also be a source of pride and joy of those people surrounding us. Continue improving your skills and eventually people will notice you.

Secretary bird appears as an animal spirit when

  • Someone in your family is not in good condition, and you have to pay them a visit.
  • You need to decide on sensitive things.
  • You are forgetting the value of home.
  • You are losing your self confidence.
  • You need to beat the deadline.

Call on Secretary bird as an animal spirit when

  • Someone in your family is gravely ill.
  • You want to conclude on serious matters.
  • You want to go home.
  • Your self esteem is at its lowest point.
  • You need to finish something fact and efficiently.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013