A seal came across your thought – it means it is giving you a message, an advice that may serve as your guide as you heed this life. What does the seal symbolizes?

Understanding the nature of this creature, bonding relationship is observed from them. They are often seen in groups. They are also described as being playful but sometimes associated with destruction since there are times when they hurt the animals they are playing with as the seal tosses them up.

In animal symbolism, seal has something to do with the relationships that we have in our life. When the image of this animal visits, it is tells about learn to ponder with the partnerships or intimate relationships that you have. Take a look at your partner, how are you both doing? Are you fulfilling each other’s need either sexually or emotionally? Can you still gauge your commitment with each other? Oftentimes, seal appears in times that a relationship is shaken. Mostly it is being associated with ending relationship. A warning message for immediate evaluation of your relationship and asking you to do some precautions to avoid break up.

The relationship being pointed out in the visit of the seal can also mean dealing with friends or relatives. This teaches us to learn understanding the differences brought by our sex and gender. This also tells us to respect the capability of others and understand each weakness and strength as unique individual traits that you should not impose to others in order to avoid conflict.

Seal symbolizes a chance to make our relationship stronger and live a better life by learning to compromise and compliment. It could also be a signal for us to play, unwind and enjoy life but not in a way that will in turn become destructive to others. It is alright to enjoy life but not in the expense of others.

With seals love for water, this can also be interpreted as an advice to overcome your fear with water. Seal has also something to do with sacrifice when they sacrifice seeing land for they live most underwater. It also speaks of abilities or assets of others that you do not have, yet it could be difficult but learn to live with it. Work hard in order to have a better life and one that is close to what you desire.

If seal is your animal totem, this gives you the ability to see wisdom, see hope in a possibly crashing relationship. You may also be often confronted with relationships that are complicated but remember that your totem is a seal, which should make you adapt with the traits of the seal. You will be reminded to find ways to resolve conflicts in your relationship. Listen to your inner self and learn how to go about the challenges that you are facing. There may be a need to do something that we opt not to do, but if the situation requires to… learn to sacrifice. Your animal totem will push you to have the energy needed to do it.

Seal totem can be associated with the following – Play, destructive play, clash of male and female energy, success, sacrifice.

Seal shows as a spirit guide when

  • You’re experiencing a series of unfortunate situations.
  • Having a complicated relationship.
  • Learning to sacrifice.
  • To keep life simple.
  • Adding vitality to your life.

Call on seal as a spirit guide when

  • You want a turn of events.
  • Fixing a ruined relationship.
  • Letting go of something valuable, to gain something in return.
  • Appreciating simple joys in life.
  • Putting energy into everything you do.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013