Sea Slug

Sea Slug

To be sent a Sea Slug as an animal totem is a great gift from the spirits.

Individualism undermines moral purpose and this totem believes that living a good life is a possibility and the route to this is being happy and to hold wisdom in life.

The Sea slug is the name for different species of saltwater snails. Sea slug is often associated with nudi branch and various types of bubble snails. Sea slug teaches us to glide smoothly under intense conditions - to seek wisdom.

Observe how this creature moves in life. It may be slow but you can learn how to be in harmonious with difficult times - this is what the totem teaches us. The sea slug appearing in one's dream indicates learning and that you must push yourself to be the best in the world at what you do.

  • How are you dealing with your obstacles in life?
  • Are you fighting them or using them to your advantage?
  • How accurate is your plan in attaining your goal?

The sea slug is teaching us to carefully execute our plan. As cliché as it may sound, one has to move slowly but surely. If we look at the slug it doesn’t matter how fast he reaches the destination - what matters is he has an objective but will get there in the end.

The sea slug is also a symbol that represents positive energy. The slug is associated with teaching us to be more spiritually aware. At times it is important to simply "let go" of difficult times and try to attract negative traits in one's personality. Make sure you fill your life with happiness rather than despair. Summon this creature when healing power is required or when your finding it hard to progress in life.

The slug has a fantastic also has a good navigational system. Eventually, even though you will be delayed you will see the future and know what to do. The ideas of the slug will enrich your life. He will help you determine who you are now. The world is not unknown and engaging with the world fully we can shape the world. That is a clear message of the sea slug.

The sea slug makes it clear that not one of us operates in isolation. Relationships need to be cherished.

Meditating on this animal totem will show you the right path towards success. If you are willing to endure a time of delay then success will be yours.

The good news is that the sea slug indicates a clear victory. It is also sending you a message about the right time to let go of life, of negative things that are no longer required in your life.

Here is something that is interesting that the sea slug has told me during a meditation:

Notice a room full of presents, as time goes by, those presents will grow old, and since you are not letting go of them, do not expect that things will come your way because there aren’t any space for new ones. Do not be afraid to let go.

It is teaching us about new ways and not everything should be done in a traditional way.

Traditions are good, some nationalities are raised based on traditions and cultures, and it is within some people. But sometimes it also won’t hurt to learn new ways and incorporate these new experiences into the future.

Knowledge is the prerequisite to power which is another message of the sea slug. The sea slug can also come when one feels under attack. It is important to try to annihilate any negative situations and find ways to make them more positive.

Sometimes rules and regulation suppress the success in life, these aren’t needed by people who have the right attitude and those who know the essence of responsibility.

We should also follow guidelines in order to achieve peace and order.

If a Sea Slug appears as an animal spirit this may be why

  • You may loose something precious to you.
  • You want happiness even though you know that it won’t be that easy to achieve.
  • Understand how to deal with emotions.
  • Create and introduce new things.
  • Have insight into the right path towards one's goal.

Call on slug as an animal spirit when

  • You want to release anger.
  • You are lost in your way.
  • You want a sign to ensure that you learn traditional culture.
  • You’re ideas are being limited due to rules and regulations.
  • Striving for enlightenment.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013