Sea Fan Symolism

Sea Fan Symolism

Sea Fan is soft coral that are usually branching, erect, flattened, and looks like a fan. Others may be bushy and encrusting.

They are also known as sea whip or sea pen. They fall under gorgonian species and they are different in the way they grow and their patterns of the branches. They are normally found in the shallow waters of all the oceans. Several of them are found in Atlantic coasts of Florida, West Indies and Bermuda.

They usually grow in a large coral joined together in a flat manner with branches and apex controlling them as they appear like a fan and so the name sea fan.

Their characteristics are symbolic and they provide knowledge and wisdom to humans that are necessary for survival in this world.

Sea Fan’s wisdom includes the following: friendship and socialization, ability to see from above situations, carefree attitude, versatility, freedom, spiritual messengers, behaving responsibly, communication with deities, confidence.

They grow together in joint form and this symbolizes friendship and socialization. Those who have the sea fan power tend to be very friendly to people. They like socializing a lot with people either of their nature or even those of different nature to them. They socialize with those in their surrounding, everyone from low to high class.

They also have the ability to see from above situations. They tend to look at things in different point of view. When there is a problem, they tend to see the positive side of the problem that most people may not realize. They get the gist of the matter from what people see. They do not take things at the face value but they dig into things to find the in-depth intentions and the motive behind every situation. They go beyond the face value of a given matter.

They have a carefree attitude. Those who have the sea fan power usually care so little about many things that people care about. They don’t get worried so much about some issues. Even when other people get so concerned and worried these kinds of people are not moved. They just behave normally as if nothing really happened.

They are very flexible. They can live anywhere and adapt to the surrounding. They can learn very fast and this is why they are able to make new friends within a short period of time. They have their own form of freedom and they enjoy working well freely with minimum supervision. They like giving freedom to other people around them. They can be good leaders who work with great democracy without any form of coercion.

They behave in a very responsible manner. Those who have sea fan power are responsible in all nature of their lives. Those who have become parents are very responsible parents who take good care of their children, they provide for them and ensure that they live a good and comfortable life.

Sea Fan shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need spiritual guidance.
  • You need friends.
  • You need to be versatile.
  • You need to have a carefree attitude.
  • You need to be responsible.

Call on Sea Fan as a spirit guide when

  • You need confidence.
  • You need to socialize.
  • You need to behave in responsible manner.
  • You need to understand something in another view.
  • You need to talk to spirits.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013