Sandpiper / Peep

Sandpiper / Peep

Sandpipers or Peeps are the shorebirds from the family of scolopacidae of waders.

They eat very small invertebrates that they can pick from the muddy soil.

They have narrow wings, long beaks and long bodies. They are the species that include medium size birds and small birds. They are brown and grey in color with some of them having streaked patterns in their bodies. They are found all over the world as they are cosmopolitan.

They feed on invertebrates by using three feeding methods which include: pecking, running with the beak under the soil in the shallow waters, and probing in dry habitat.

Sandpiper can be a very good animal totem to us because there is a lot of wisdom that we can derive from their way of life.

Sandpiper/Peep wisdom include these: scavenging or hunting, quickness, foraging, ability to go unnoticed, communal living, understanding cycles related to tides, defense through impersonation, value of blending races.

They are good hunters and they can really scavenge through the water using different methods to get food. We should also learn to work hard enough to get our daily bread. If we get industrious and put more effort towards achieving our goals the nothing else in this world can deter us from achieving our goals.

Those who have sandpiper power are usually active and fast in whatever they do. They always act very fast and can be very useful in time of emergency. They are time conscious and can meet their deadlines in whatever they do. They don’t waste any single minute because they know that time is very precious.

They have the ability to go unnoticed. Such people do not like recognition's by others all the time but they like to be calm and just do their things quietly. They like to be left alone and they usually enjoy their own company.

Sandpipers or peeps are always associated with communal living. It is said that united we stand and divided we fall. Those who have the power of sandpiper may tend to like to live in harmony. They live well with one another. They love to live as a community by sharing what they have with others around them. They also tent to work together towards achieving a certain communal goal and they can always help others. They like corporate social responsibilities that help communities and develop the society.

They also defend themselves through impersonation. They can change their behavior to start behaving in different way when there is a problem or some danger. They can become very hungry to avoid direct confrontation especially when they know that they have done something wrong. They may also smile at you or laugh when they don’t even mean it so you cannot be able to know the pain they are going through.

They also value blending races. Those people would prefer people from different places with different backgrounds and of various races because they like to associate with variety of characters. Are you a sandpiper character? Examine yourself and found out your values and characters then you will be able to learn more about sandpiper or peep.

Sandpipers or Peeps shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to act fast.
  • You need to go unnoticed.
  • You need to impersonate someone.
  • You need to live well with the community.
  • You need to get some income.

Call on Sandpipers or Peeps as a spirit guide when

  • You need  to defend yourself.
  • You need to associate with many people of different races.
  • You need to be time conscious.
  • You don’t need recognition.
  • You need to live as a community.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013