Rubeus is formed by dots that are cast in a double, single, double, double formation.

If you squint, you can see the overturned goblet shape that this figure is said to represent. You can remember the meaning better if you consider that Rubeus actually means “red” or “the red” and the representation is actually a knocked over wine glass that is now spilling.

Geomancy Symbols

Like the seeping red wine, the figure of Rubeus stains the life of the querant and is almost exclusively warning indicator that danger is close at hand. 

This figure is quite powerful because it falls under the planetary force of Mars and is fueled by the violence and aggression that can come with it. Combine that with the fact that the geomantic figure is related to the element of water, showing that the energies are fluid.

Emotions can change quickly, especially when you consider that zodiacally it is linked with Scorpio, a sign known for it capricious and subversive behavior. This figure is bound to foretell of a violent upheaval that is either present in the querants life at the moment or something that is brewing just on the horizon.

Keep in mind that Rubeus is associated with the tarot card, the King of Cups. This represents emotional and spiritual mastery of one’s own domain. It is said that this kind of emotional or spiritual understanding can come from a dramatic and dangerous time, such as one that is represented by Rubeus.

Consider, as a reminder that just because things are fine in your kingdom, that doesn’t mean that war with those outside your walls can be avoided. By the time this figure shows up in a reading, the person asking the questions should be able to identify easily what the figure is referring to. It is often associated with tough issues such as a bitter divorce, physical abuse, financial ruin, etc.  

Now is the time to protect oneself and minimize any damages that drama or chaos may cause in their life. After a while, it is quite likely, with a bit of hindsight, that it will be shown that the whole incident could have been avoided and in many cases is a self-inflicted conundrum.

The beauty of Rubeus is in it’s ultimate overarching theme. While the querant is facing a difficult time, they need to remember that this will pass and from this pain, drama or chaos, that they are growing stronger and that their pain is for the greater good since Rubeus, while uncomfortable when present, is one of the most positive cards for realizing the much needed end to a journey.

You won’t want to see this figure in your reading, however, if you do, know that the pain or negative that comes with this card is often short-lived and swift in action.

Because there is so much negative associated with this figure and the fact that it deals with powerful and decisive energies, this is a figure that is to be avoided. While not the most forboding indicator in the geomantic toolbox, it is one of those figures that if it comes up in the first part of the reading, the reader should stop and not continue on any further.

It’s presence represents a need for caution and recognition of the danger that the querant may be in. Future misfortune is unlikely to be avoided once Rubeus is seen in a reading but like the Devil and the Death card in tarot, it often represents a necessary lesson that is not avoidable.

By Florance Saul
Feb 19, 2017